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People / Relationships


Is your little brother as strong as you? 2008-04-24
I have a brother who's 2 years younger than me, and when it comes to strength, he can basically d...
Naked in front of the wedding photographer? 2008-09-29
Naked in front of the wedding photographer?
Little Sister Older Brother 2010-02-04
choose my punishment 2012-03-29
my girlfriend found out i secretly crossdress in her clothes and she asked me questions like do y...
Best age for being attractive 2017-03-13
At what age is the average human most attractive?
Grounding 2005-03-07
Grounding is a means of punishment for your son/daughter. During this grounding rules are enforce...
Public short skirts 2005-03-10
This poll is for girls only and follows on from my previous poll. It is about how short you wear...
Tickled Under Your Arms (Girls Only) 2008-11-07
Way too many feet polls here. No one usually talks about being tickled in the armpits which I th...
How many people have an 8-Pack of abs? (for those guys who do have 8 packs) 2009-11-04
How many people have an 8-Pack of abs? (for those guys who do have 8 packs)
GUYS ONLY SURVEY. 2011-05-28
This survey is strictly for guys.
Tickle torture me! (girls only) 2014-06-02
I want to be tickled so much, that it's tickle torture! If you could, how would you tickle tortur...
how far would you go for money? (sexually) 2015-01-02
how far would you go for money? (sexually)
Straight Teen guys 2015-01-13
This is just a poll to answer some common questions and some personal ones. Get as detailed as yo...
Family, Friends, and Body Comfortablity 2016-08-01
Exploring how comfortable you, your family, and your friends are with each other's bodies under e...
Married Women 2003-01-30
Mixed wrestling and armwrestling has become one of the hottest topics on the internet. My wife...
Black & White (for White Girls ONLY) 2003-06-29
A poll for white girls to explain their attraction to the black race
Girls overpowering skinny brothers 2004-10-07
Guys, have you ever been overpowered by your little sister?
How Women Check Out Men (A poll for FEMALES ONLY!) 2005-01-31
We all know that men check out women a lot in public, but what about women checking out men? If ...
GIRLS: Do You Like Boys Who Are Big Babies? 2005-12-06
This poll is for girls under the age of 21 only. Do any of you girls think it's cute when boys yo...
Parents - Girls Skirt Lenghts 2007-03-17
I know some parents dont want/like it when there girl wears short skirts others dont care
boys underwear 2008-07-29
I have a 10 year old boy that I have a hard time wearing underwear so I thought if we can see wha...
WOMEN 18+ ONLY: Are women becoming the dominant sex? 2012-02-03
All around the world, women are making huge strides in narrowing and even eliminating the gender ...
Your "special someone" (Boys Only) 2015-07-22
I was curious about what boys want in a relationship... so I made this poll. Girls are allowed to...
Should you get fat? 2015-08-13
GIRLS ONLY (btw this isn't the original. The original is at http://www.gotoquiz.com/should_you_g...
Challenge me! 2017-08-29
Hey, this poll is for you to challenge me to do (or not do) something, and to suggest a forfeit s...