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People / Relationships


poll for girls 2014-11-24
this poll is to determine what girls think is hotter on a guy
Irreverent Weddings 2014-12-16
More and more weddings are becoming non-traditional and downright irreverent. My wedding was and...
Being a young woman these days - for young women (self-defined) 2016-08-21 (closed)
Being a young woman these days - for young women (self-defined)
Gay Rights 2016-10-13
Gay Rights
Peeing Situations 2017-02-05
Peeing Situations
A poll for real "girly girls" only! 2006-10-02
As a "girly girl" I like to ware nice clothes, especially skirts and dresses. I also l...
Did you change diapers before marriage or parenthood? 2007-06-22
I'm interested in knowing how many others changed diapers before tying the knot or having children.
Little Sister Older Brother 2010-02-04
Your first encounter with a poopy diaper 2012-04-23
Your first encounter with a poopy diaper
how far would you go for money? (sexually) 2015-01-02
how far would you go for money? (sexually)
stronger Siblings 2001-11-11
Do you have any siblings that are stronger than you and don't let you forget it?
A new battle of the sexes poll. 2004-11-05
The battle of the sexes seems to be heating up. This poll is about how males & females see th...
Ideal girl versus Real girls 2006-07-25
I see all these polls about the "ideal girl." However, the majority of people don't lo...
Female bosses who supervise older men (for women only) 2010-01-14
This poll is for women who supervise older men. This situation seems to be happening more and mo...
manly girlfriend 2012-01-31
This is a poll for boys / men who want their girlfriend / wife to be kind of manly. I want to fig...
Puberty 2014-11-17
For guys only.
Straight Teen guys 2015-01-13
This is just a poll to answer some common questions and some personal ones. Get as detailed as yo...
Male preferably age 10-20. Sleeping-sleepover 2016-05-20
for preferably teens, or anywhere between 7 and 22 i guess, but there is no restriction. when you...
basic girl questions 2016-10-13
somewhat personal female questions
Female Led Relationship(FLR) 2016-12-26
This poll is about couples who are in a FLR type of relationship or contemplating the same. Coup...
What is normal to have happen as brothers? 2017-02-01
I'm 19, my brother is 23. We have two separate rooms but a shared bathroom. I have never seen him...
TURN ON'S 2002-04-22
In the debate of sexuality, what and who is turned on by.
Stripped in Public 2003-09-16
After the 9/11 incident, most of public places made maximum security precautions. Strip search is...
Lesbian Poll 2006-08-28
This poll is designed to assess attitudes toward lesbians and lesbian sexuality.
Can you hold your pee? 2013-01-03
Pee contest to see how long you can hold your pee.