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Puberty poll 2010-09-07
After some pretty long measurement polls quite a while ago, it is time for a new, slightly less c...
Can you hold your pee? 2013-01-03
Pee contest to see how long you can hold your pee.
Catholic teen girls dressed as babies for baptisms 2014-07-24
I have seen catholic teen girls dressed as babies for their baptisms and want to know if anyone e...
Big brother...little brother... 2003-04-17
I've got both, an older brother and a younger bro,and I always have to wonder about how great the...
My Boyfriend In Tights 2004-12-15
I have a boyfriend who likes wearing tights in place of his pants at home. He was worried about ...
Humiliating Restaurant Catfight 2016-06-05
My boyfriend is celebrating his birthday tonight. My boyfriend, a group of his friends and I arri...
A poll to determine what people, especially other teens, consider reasonable in terms of punishin...
Chicas - go check the results Chicos - vote!
girls sexuality ( girls ages 12-16 ) 2006-01-18
poll about girls sexuality
Your first encounter with a poopy diaper 2012-04-23
Your first encounter with a poopy diaper
Do you spank you mother? 2015-01-13
There are many teens and some adults who wish they could spank their parents, maybe as payback fo...
GIRLS: Do You Like Boys Who Are Big Babies? 2005-12-06
This poll is for girls under the age of 21 only. Do any of you girls think it's cute when boys yo...
Children and Teenagers behavior during spanking 2013-09-16
Just looking for some info on children and teenagers behavior during spanking. Please be honest....
how far would you go for money? (sexually) 2015-01-02
how far would you go for money? (sexually)
Concerned about sexual predators 2003-05-13
I am the father of a 7-year-old daughter and a 5-year-old son. Like most parents, I am quite conc...
Teen daughters and their fathers 2003-07-29
Please complete this poll if you are a girl aged between 12 and 18 and live with - or have freque...
Stripped in Public 2003-09-16
After the 9/11 incident, most of public places made maximum security precautions. Strip search is...
Did you change diapers before marriage or parenthood? 2007-06-22
I'm interested in knowing how many others changed diapers before tying the knot or having children.
Impromptu Swimming 2008-09-23
What do you do if you want to go swimming but your attire is not what you would normally wear swi...
women who get spanked by thier man 2014-07-29
women who get spanked by thier man
Seen naked... 2016-07-31
What would you do if seen naked? FOR SCIENCE!
Peeing Situations 2017-02-05
Peeing Situations
House rules - general 2005-03-18
This is the beginning of a series of polls on house rules This poll is a general poll on house...
Ideal girl versus Real girls 2006-07-25
I see all these polls about the "ideal girl." However, the majority of people don't lo...
Little Sister Older Brother 2010-02-04