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People / Relationships


Confinement & Restraint as Punishment (Adult Females only) 2003-09-23
A poll to research the number of women who are confined and/or restrained in some way as a punish...
Women who want to feminize a man 2005-11-03
plain and simple...how many women want to feminize a man?
Love, Cherish, and Obey 2015-01-02
I want to be a submissive little housewife someday
Muscular Women 2004-11-02
How do you feel about tall, strong, muscular women?
Do we need specific laws to control men? 2005-01-25
In a future society where women dominate over males,new laws may be introduced to modify the beha...
teen girls beat up older men 2005-06-13
Has any teen girl fought with an older man much bigger than her.
Your wife - naked in front of the wedding photographer? 2008-09-30
(companion poll to http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/359211)
A poll to determine what people, especially other teens, consider reasonable in terms of punishin...
crossdressing 2008-10-09
Dominating wives - submissive husbands 2009-06-25
If that expression describes your marriage or what you would like in a relationship, explain how ...
sleeping nude survey for women 2013-01-03
are you more likly to sleep nude or with someone
Carpet poll 2015-12-02
This survey is about pubic hair (referred to now as "carpet")
Seen naked... 2016-07-31
What would you do if seen naked? FOR SCIENCE!
Playful Spankings 2003-07-24
While I was at McDonald's today, I saw a mother reach down and playfully spank her four year old...
Teen daughters and their fathers 2003-07-29
Please complete this poll if you are a girl aged between 12 and 18 and live with - or have freque...
How can a wife be more feminine? 2004-08-17
Women have lost touch with there femininity. Should husbands take an active role in demanding his...
Girls: What did you do in what grade? 2005-04-29
This is to find out what girls were doing romantically in what grade. Grades are used instead of...
Girls at home 2005-10-25
I was wondering about at home situations with girls.
Step Parents and Corporal Punishment 2009-06-03
Step Parents and Corporal Punishment
Children and Teenagers behavior during spanking 2013-09-16
Just looking for some info on children and teenagers behavior during spanking. Please be honest....
The ultimate battle of the sexes! 2004-12-20
Let's see who's superior men or women!
Chicas - go check the results Chicos - vote!
Bra & Panties or T-Shirt & Panties (Guys Only) 2005-11-03
Which is sexier a girl in a bra and panties or a t-shrt and panties?
Being a young woman these days - for young women (self-defined) 2016-08-21 (closed)
Being a young woman these days - for young women (self-defined)
Did you change diapers before marriage or parenthood? 2007-06-22
I'm interested in knowing how many others changed diapers before tying the knot or having children.