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People / Relationships


The ultimate ticklish poll 2014-04-18
The ultimate ticklish poll
Your wife - naked in front of the wedding photographer? 2008-09-30
(companion poll to http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/359211)
Bra & Panties or T-Shirt & Panties (Guys Only) 2005-11-03
Which is sexier a girl in a bra and panties or a t-shrt and panties?
Cheaters Never Prosper 2017-01-27
This poll is for the one's who have been cheated on or the ones who have cheated on someone.
Earrings for guys (Girls and ladies only) 2006-01-25
The purpose of this poll is to find out what women girls/ladies think of guys with earrings
sleeping nude survey for women 2013-01-03
are you more likly to sleep nude or with someone
Punish me 2013-07-02
I have done some very naughty things at home and my family want to punish me. You can help decide...
Only Dresses for your Teen Girl 2017-04-24
Do you restrict your teen daughter or teen girl in your care to wearing only dresses and skirts?
Adult Children living at home 2007-10-31
I am 30 years old and just moved in with my in-laws, my 13 year old sister-in-law and mother-in-l...
feminine boyfriend 2012-01-30
This is a poll for girls / women who want their boyfriend / husband to be kind of feminine. I wan...
Sleeping in handcuffs 2014-05-27
I am forced to wear at night a chastity belt, two woolen tights, a sweatshirt, knitted mittens an...
Have you Ever Cheated on your Husband or Boyfriend? 2015-07-22
Please answer only if you are a female and you are 100% confidential and genuine about your answe...
Heterosexual Men - What kind of woman do you prefer? 2017-05-06
Tell me your type, your fantasy, your dream babe
stronger Siblings 2001-11-11
Do you have any siblings that are stronger than you and don't let you forget it?
Those Teenage Taboos 2003-03-11
Which of the following have you done?
GUYS: having fun in the summer heat shirtless. 2007-07-23
This poll is only for guys, who don't mind going shirtless in the heat.
Tickled by siblings 2003-03-25
Have you got siblings? And have you ever been tickled by them? What do you think about that?
Confinement & Restraint as Punishment (Adult Females only) 2003-09-23
A poll to research the number of women who are confined and/or restrained in some way as a punish...
Muscular Women 2004-11-02
How do you feel about tall, strong, muscular women?
Underwear Study (men only) 2009-05-02
This poll is for men only. I am currently taking a marketing class and doing a research paper abo...
Tickling Siblings 2016-07-22
Do you like to tickle your siblings?
Daughter Mistress 2012-02-27
This poll is about mothers who are Mistresses of their slaves, whose daughters are too.
Spanking from parents 2013-01-02
Hi, I'm 14 and my parents still spank me if i misbehave, i hate it and i feel to be the only one ...
Cutest parts on a girls body 2016-08-06
Cutest parts on a girls body
Playful Spankings 2003-07-24
While I was at McDonald's today, I saw a mother reach down and playfully spank her four year old...