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People / Relationships


What is your tickling fantasy? 2013-09-03
I'd like to know how you want everything to be in your fantasy tickle.
A poll for single men about dating women with children 2006-04-14
Are you a single man? If so, would you date a woman with kids? Men only please! Please assume the...
Guy Poll 2006-09-25
Please answer the questions!
How Women Check Out Men (A poll for FEMALES ONLY!) 2005-01-31
We all know that men check out women a lot in public, but what about women checking out men? If ...
Female Bodybuilders 2003-05-25
Really please answer honestly. If you are a man, DO NOT answer the women only questions.
kinds of punishment 2002-12-20
this poll is about to discover how kids are being punished and at what age they get the first and...
Adult Children of Mentally Ill Parents Poll 2003-09-01
Welcome to our on line poll!
Random Questions Poll...FUN!!! 2005-12-28
this poll just asks a bunch of random questions...Yep...it does!
German Men Love Black (AA) Women (Male Responses Only) 2006-02-22
What about black women do men from Germany/German heritage like?
White vs. Black women 2003-05-27
This poll is for both sexes and all races regarding wich race in general is more attractive
Society:Are Women Taking Over? 2003-08-13
Are women taking over? As women continue to advance, are we headed for a female dominated society?
Spanking my daughter. 2015-01-02
Hi, my wife and I have three daughters 17, 14, and 11. Recently, the 17 year old has been acting...
Seeing Friend naked 2007-07-22
For teen boys only
Bisexual Poll 2003-09-13
This is a simple poll - conducted by me - used to determine more about us bisexuals. Whether you'...
Black Women Dating White Men 2006-04-13
I want to know how many black women are more attracted to white men than black men.
The Virginity Survey (Men only) 2010-01-28
A comprehensive survey on the views and attitudes towards virginity. If you are female feel free ...
What would you wear for a dinner date? 2002-08-04
If you had complete freedom to choose any clothes, without fear of prejudice and without concern ...
Stripped in Public 2003-09-16
After the 9/11 incident, most of public places made maximum security precautions. Strip search is...
Sexiest body part 2004-08-30
what do you think the sexiest body part is?
Female Doctor's Checkup (non gyno) 2006-08-10
This poll is for all girls to share their experiences of a NON GYNO checkup.
Why white women date black men 2006-06-07
If you're not a white female, do not take this poll.
(10-18 yrs old) how your parents punish you? 2005-11-09
i am trying to find out how the majority of parents punish their children.
if your a boy take this poll if your a girl skip the the messeges .
***GUYS!!! IDEAL GIRL'S BODY!!!*** 2005-01-09
Romantic Love Survey 2003-04-04
Please mark whether you agree or disagree to each statement about love.