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People / Relationships


is he gay? 2008-01-15
can you tell if someone is gay
Tickling on a slumber-party 2003-04-17
Whenever me and my friends had slumber-parties and sleepovers we ended up in tickle-wars... What...
Are You Attracted to Tall Women? 2004-11-07
Have you ever seen a tall women, who was much taller then you, how did you feel when you saw her?...
For men married to dominant wife 2011-02-10
I would like to gain some insight into life in a marriage where the woman is dominant and takes a...
Adult Children living at home 2007-10-31
I am 30 years old and just moved in with my in-laws, my 13 year old sister-in-law and mother-in-l...
men with girly hair 2004-05-27
What do you think of guys with long and styled hair like womens
Dominating wives - submissive husbands 2009-06-25
If that expression describes your marriage or what you would like in a relationship, explain how ...
Girls Getting Changed Infront Of Guys (GIRLS ONLY) 2003-04-24
This poll is about girls getting changed in front of boys
Hair and Eye Color Poll 2005-12-21
This poll is a study to find the percentage of people with different hair and eye colors, by ethn...
What kind of girl is most attractive? (yeah, Race) 2006-01-20
What race is really attractive??
What makes girls attractive to guys? 2008-08-16
for guys aged 16+ , and preferably living in the uk.
height and dating 2006-04-28
What is the preferred height vs minimum height that women want in their men?
Are you circmucised? 2008-11-09
Roundhead or Cavalier?
Little brother being tickled by big brother 2003-04-17
Are you a boy and have you got a bid brother? Has he ever tickled you? Yeah? Then take part in...
Do you like hairy men? 2005-08-03
I like hairy men. Do you? To what degree can you tolerate hairiness in your partner? For any gend...
GUYS: having fun in the summer heat shirtless. 2007-07-23
This poll is only for guys, who don't mind going shirtless in the heat.
Marriage: Roles and Rules 2002-11-14
What are the roles and rules in your marriage? For married people only.
The nudist life? 2007-07-22
Are you a nudist or wondered about social nudity? Please take this poll and then visit howto.netm...
Girls Working Out (guys only) 2004-09-06
Give me your opinions, guys!
College Girls Swimsuits/Bikinis (Guys) 2007-12-06
Guys opinions on the swimsuit styles of girls and what is common and acceptable
Ballbusting for girls 2013-07-02
Girls only please!
Spanked in front of your girlfriend 2014-06-09
I'm curious as to other guys experience of probably the most embarrassing and dreadful thing in r...
Public short skirts 2005-03-10
This poll is for girls only and follows on from my previous poll. It is about how short you wear...
Turn ons (guys and girls) 2003-11-11
what is it to u?
stomach punching girl 2004-09-20
information about punching girls to stomach