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People / Relationships


Babysitting Girls 2007-02-08
I was wondering what some babysitters would do in some of situations
Beauty Standards, Race, and Racism 2003-08-28
This poll is about beauty standards, what they say about different races, and what effect they ha...
Should a man shave his armpits? 2002-05-04
Do you think that a man should shave his armpits?
What percent of men cheat regularly? 2005-10-04
What percentage of men (in the U.S.) regularly cheat on their wives and girlfriends? "Regula...
Undressing 2002-10-03
I get undressed every day, and I almost always undress in the same order. I am curious about how...
Teen Babysitter Discipline Advice 2010-03-26
Hey I'm Kyra. I'm 15, and I babysit some bratty kids. There's this one boy he's 16 and he has a c...
Men Wearing Tight Low-Rise Jeans 2005-01-11
Lately more and more guys have been wearing tighter low-rise jeans (tight enough to show the curv...
Naughty School Skirts 2007-11-19
My boyfriend just loves it when I wear one of my super, super short little pleated school skirts ...
boys underwear 2008-07-29
I have a 10 year old boy that I have a hard time wearing underwear so I thought if we can see wha...
Sex Outside Marriage 2007-06-08
Attitudes to sex and infidelity have changed over the years, how liberal are you?
How do you like to be kissed? 2002-04-09
C'mon - everyone is dying to find out! Help out the opposiste sex AND find out for yourself!
What's your sexual orientaion and which porn do you prefer, if any? 2010-03-03
What's your sexual orientaion and which porn do you prefer, if any?
what do girls like in a guy? (girls only) 2007-12-06
Tan Vs. Pale 2005-06-09
Tell me what you think =)
Tickling my boyfriend...-part 2 2003-11-04
Here is part 2 of tickling boyfriends and if they are ticklish even they claim not to be...;)
Hypno Incest 2006-04-14
This poll is about hypnotized (and be hpnotized) by a relative, have fun
Did you make your skirts shorter for boyfriend or husband? 2008-01-30
Nearly all men like their girlfriends or husbands to wear really short skirts. Sometimes you woul...
Gay Sex (4 Straight Guys) 2006-02-28
What do you actually think of two men having sex even if one of them is yourself?
Cornertime in Domestic Discipline relationship 2009-08-31
Cornertime in Domestic Discipline relationship
is he gay? 2008-01-15
can you tell if someone is gay
stronger little sisters 2003-06-30
im a 16 year old guy and my 11 year old sister completely dominates me in everything. Just wonder...
Is it okay for men to wear nightshirts?? 2002-04-09
I personally think that nightshirts are the most comfortable type of sleepwear, but I notice that...
Tickling on a slumber-party 2003-04-17
Whenever me and my friends had slumber-parties and sleepovers we ended up in tickle-wars... What...
Growing up in a strict house 2010-10-16
This is for kids/teens with strict parents, and how they raise you.
Are You Attracted to Tall Women? 2004-11-07
Have you ever seen a tall women, who was much taller then you, how did you feel when you saw her?...