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People / Relationships


Switch bodies with opposite sex. 2008-01-02
If magically possible, would you be willing to switch bodies with a member of the opposite sex fo...
Girls scissoring there boyfriends. 2007-08-14
I have a girlfriend that loves to scissor me, and if she had her way she would never let me go. T...
will all women be lesbians in the future? 2003-09-02
If you haven't been living under a rock, you'll notice that a higher and higher percentage of wom...
What does a hot girl look like?(only guys 13-16 please) 2006-05-26
If you had to pick the hottest girl in the world what would she look like?
For guys - whats more attractive for a girl? 2004-02-06
Just curious about these various female features.. and what the majority of guys prefer :)
Sorority Women Mate Preference 2009-08-25 (closed)
*Directions*: For each description, type in the name of the historically Black fraternity that be...
Sister and Brother sharing a bedroom (poll for the sister) 2006-03-30
How difficult is it to share a bedroom with your brother
Teen boys wear? 2008-11-21
FOR TEEN BOYS ONLY! I am a boy 13yo I have travelled alot around Europe and find it interesting...
Micro skirts and boyfriends 2005-03-02
This poll is for girls only. What do your boyfriends think about very short skirts?
How bisexual are you? 2007-04-25
This is a poll to see how many people have bisexual feelings.
crossdressing 2008-10-09
Ideal Heights (for both sexes and both Imperial and Metric options) 2008-10-16
What do you think is the ideal height for a woman?
How Strict Would You Be? (Teen Babysitters Only) 2008-07-22
This poll is to see how strict you would be with children in your care if you had complete power....
Never Been Loved 2003-06-11
Hi. It's a lot easier to say this online where my identity is anonymous. I've learned from person...
Beauty Standards, Race, and Racism 2003-08-28
This poll is about beauty standards, what they say about different races, and what effect they ha...
Did someone put you hand in warm water so you'd wet the bed 2005-04-16
Has someone ever put your hand in warm water causing you to wet the bed at a sleepover?
What percent of men cheat regularly? 2005-10-04
What percentage of men (in the U.S.) regularly cheat on their wives and girlfriends? "Regula...
Muscular Women 2004-11-02
How do you feel about tall, strong, muscular women?
Female Muscle 2003-08-06
This is poll of men's and women's perception and reaction to muscular female bodybuilders
Should a man shave his armpits? 2002-05-04
Do you think that a man should shave his armpits?
Girls physical exam 2009-09-02
Girls physical exam experiences girls only
Can guys lose their virginity to another guy? 2007-04-19
Plenty of guys, myself included, had sex with another guy before having sex with a girl for the f...
Men Wearing Tight Low-Rise Jeans 2005-01-11
Lately more and more guys have been wearing tighter low-rise jeans (tight enough to show the curv...
Undressing 2002-10-03
I get undressed every day, and I almost always undress in the same order. I am curious about how...
Babysitting Girls 2007-02-08
I was wondering what some babysitters would do in some of situations