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People / Relationships


Teen boy private questions 2008-11-23
FOR TEEN BOYS ONLY 12 to 18 years old. I am an 13 yo boy and I am making a report for my school ...
What makes a guy hot (Girls only please) 2004-12-27
Lets see what we can find out
FOR WOMEN ONLY Low cut tops 2005-02-24
This poll is for the ladies. Do you flash your breasts by wearing revealing clothing?
Myers-Briggs Personality Distribution 2004-02-11
What is the general distribution of the 16 personality types in the web population?
The Girl Quiz (guys only, please!) 2003-08-02
Vote on what you think makes a girl special.
Women Rule Men? 2004-03-30
There has been much discussion recently about how the 21st century is going to be the Women's Cen...
GIRLS: Do You Like Boys Who Are Big Babies? 2005-12-06
This poll is for girls under the age of 21 only. Do any of you girls think it's cute when boys yo...
Giantess thoughts (Women Only) 2006-01-18
This poll is for women only. I'm sure most women are aware of the classic movie "Attack of t...
Men---do you like Hairy Women? 2003-12-08
Men, a poll to find out how much hair you like on a woman.
have ya ever (been) humiliated by a girl (reloaded) 2005-01-11
because I read in a magazine that a lot of girls at high schools and colleges humiliate boys who ...
Underwear punishment for brother 2005-11-06
I caught my brother wearing one of my thongs and I want to punish him. What do u think i should do?
Househusband Duties ? 2001-09-26
Just how much housework should the male be responsible for in modern day marriage?
Teens girls and their Sleepwear (Girls 13-19) 2008-12-21
What do you like to sleep in. Let the world know!!!
Teens in leather 2005-03-07
This poll is for teens who love to wear leather.
Older Sisters spanking Brothers 2015-07-10
I am a single mom with 3 children, a girl, 14, a son, 11, and a girl, 9. They are occasionally sp...
What a Girl Wants (Girls only) 2003-02-17
Gals only... is there too tall? And what is too short? 2006-05-26
In society, short guys are usually "just friends" at best, and too tall of guys are dor...
Are People Born Gay? (Poll for Straights and Gays) 2006-02-28
I'm a bit confused on whether people are born gay or whether they just decide to be gay or whatev...
**BLACK MEN ONLY** Black vs. White Women (NEW QUESTIONS!!!) 2000-11-02
Finding out if the myth is true.
Most Famous People of All Times 2005-01-17
Tell us who you think is the most popular person of all time
Bra & Panties or T-Shirt & Panties (Guys Only) 2005-11-03
Which is sexier a girl in a bra and panties or a t-shrt and panties?
Caught short 2009-05-22
Have you ever been out and needed a wee?
What Type of Girl Do Guys Like More? (GUYZ ONLY) 2005-04-06
what type of girl do guyz like? be honest!!!!!!
do you find guys with red hair attractive? for girls only 2003-09-08
My poll is weather or not girls find guys with red hair attractive or not
Sister and Brother sharing a bedroom (poll for the sister) 2006-03-30
How difficult is it to share a bedroom with your brother