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People / Relationships


GUYS: How Do You Let A Girl Know You Fancy Her??? 2002-04-29
I know a lot of gals (including myself) have been pondering this question for years...
Low-Rise Jeans and Underwear(Men ONLY) 2003-04-09
Levi's jeans has been advertising their Dangerously Low jeans for men for a little while now. De...
Gay Guys: Types 2007-02-05
Most gay guys have a "type" they prefer to be with. What is your type?
Girls who get bare foot tickled by boyfriends/age 2002-10-09
As I have found out in some of the previous poles, that tickling is quite common in relationships...
Women's breast size survey 2006-11-15
I'm trying to find out what size breast people find most attractive.
GUYS: your perfect girl 2005-02-12
the decription of your perfect girl
Stronger And Bigger Little Sister 2012-11-19
I am a 16 y/o guy with an 11 y/o little sister who is the strongest person that i have ever seen....
What Makes a Slut - Girls opinion 2002-09-25
I thought it would be interesting to replace my pole with two seperate ones, one for Guys and one...
Truth behind white men dating black women 2002-12-24
White Guys Only! What is your true purpose behind dating black women?
How would you kill the person you hate? 2004-09-01
How would you kill the person you hate beyond everyone else(come on you know there is someone) an...
*:::*Hott Guy Names*:::* 2005-03-27
Hott names for guys!
Questions for teenage boys **ONLY** 2006-10-07
There are some question teenage boys ask.
Weak boys 2005-07-01
I'm really weak, but my girlfriend says that a lot of boys are weak too, it's true? Are more weak...
Male Maids 2007-12-03
Male maids are now not uncommon - this poll is to determine women's attitude toward them.
Teen Sleepover (teens only) 2010-05-10
Teen Sleepover
Questions for the married men. 2006-08-15
Like to see what the majority view is on the cuckold issue.
teen girls beat up older men 2005-06-13
Has any teen girl fought with an older man much bigger than her.
Farting Teen Girls 2003-06-18
Girls that like farting themselfs or find farting really funny
Piercing (for guys and men only) 2009-09-15
Piercing (for guys and men only)
GUYS> How do you like girls to dress? 2005-03-01
This is just a little poll to help figure out which kind of girls the guys go for by what style o...
My Boyfriend In Tights 2004-12-15
I have a boyfriend who likes wearing tights in place of his pants at home. He was worried about ...
TURN ON'S 2002-04-22
In the debate of sexuality, what and who is turned on by.
high school girls and their mothers 2004-11-05
I am always arguing with my daughter over her behavior and discipline. I would like to know if ot...
Women who want to feminize a man 2005-11-03
plain and simple...how many women want to feminize a man?
The ultimate battle of the sexes! 2004-12-20
Let's see who's superior men or women!