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People / Relationships


Girls that Like to Dominate Men 2003-01-14
Just wondering.
Black women & Latin men 2005-12-09
Black women express how you feel about latin men & having a latin significant other?
Traits & Characteristics of the Perfect Girl 2008-04-09
Hi guys, this poll is to get an idea of what characteristics and physical features guys want in g...
Dominant Little sister 2007-11-29
my little sister bosses me around all the time. Just wondering if anybody else has this problem. ...
Sleepover pranks 2005-02-20
After having my first sleepover prank experiences, I want to get back at Evan. I just want to see...
I'm boooored...humor me and take this 2001-04-10
....just lookin for opinions!
Tall girl and short guy couples 2004-03-15
One rarely sees couples where the girl is significally taller than the guy. Why do you people thi...
what do you think of skinny guys? 2004-10-07
this is to find out girl's opinions on guys who are very skinny and weak
Why Parents Suck 2003-12-12
This poll deals with kids/teens and about why or why not their parents suck sometimes or all the ...
Teen Babysitters 2004-07-21
As teen babysitters, we are often required to assist with diapering, toileting and bathing tasks....
Underwear Study (men only) 2009-05-02
This poll is for men only. I am currently taking a marketing class and doing a research paper abo...
Women´s biceps 2002-06-17
What people think about women´s biceps size
Acceptable Nudity for Children on the Beach 2005-03-22
This poll is to determine parents' attitudes towards children's nudity on regular, "textile&...
Be naked or see naked? (updated version) 2008-10-16
A poll about being naked
Older brother spanking younger sisters 2010-08-22
My other brother spanks me whenever I do something wrong, so i was wondering how many other young...
Girls, what kind of guys are you attracted to? 2004-01-08
Girls, please answer the following questions about what type of guys you like.
What do men find the most attractive about women? 2004-08-10
What is it that men first notice about a woman?
Battle of the Sexes: Which Is the Superior Gender? 2005-09-12
This poll asks which gender is superior. Enjoy and please post a comment after voting.
Barefoot at home - simple question 2004-01-22
I personaly believe at home is bare feet the best choice of footwear. There is a lot polls about...
Should babysitter be allowed to punish 2005-04-03
This is a poll about what if any punishment babysitters should be allowed to use
What's your ideal female type?! (For guys) 2002-10-28
Just wondering what kinda girls guys go for
Hand Over Mouth...Mmmph!! 2003-08-10
Im sure at one time in your life youve had your mouth covered by another person for whatever reas...
Sleep overs (Guys only) 2009-09-29 (closed)
You and your best have never seen each other naked before, you decide that the next time you are ...
Adult Male Being Spanked by a Woman 2015-08-13
whether its a fantasy or has happened, this is a poll for both men and women to share information...
Men, pedicures, and painted nails 2003-09-18
Im male, and the other day I went to have a pedicure and found that the woman who gave me my pedi...