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What is most important in a resume? 2018-01-29
One of the main questions asked about resumes is, Do I have to include everything on one page? Th...
Fathers with sons who take shoes off in church 2018-10-10
This is a poll for fathers with boys (sons) who take off their shoes in church and how you react.
Here Comes that Ex Partner Again! 2002-11-22
Ok, it's been awhile, but here we go again! These polls have been helpful -- I know when I have m...
Women: Would You Date a Bisexual Man? 2008-07-22 (closed)
Women: Would You Date a Bisexual Man?
love sent fom above 2008-10-14 (closed)
do you like boys girls or both that are bad or good? boys bad boys good both bad both good ...
My dare 2008-10-14
i was dared to wear super slutty girls clothes(I am a girl btw)
Is It OK... 2009-03-28 (closed)
Checking to see if what I think is screwed up is actually screwed up, or if I'm just delusional.
People who accept ass kissing? 2009-05-09 (closed)
What do you think of people who know someone's kissing their ass, and just continues to carry on ...
Baddie Of the Week 2009-09-15
We want all are viewers to vote on who you think is the baddie of the week. Is it Ms. TnT (#1) fr...
who gave you the worst advice you ever had? 2009-09-26 (closed)
who gave you the worst advice you ever had?
Is aaron Mcclean gay [YES!!!] 2009-10-02 (closed)
Is aaron Mcclean gay [YES!!!]
Under the sand 2009-11-15 (closed)
Under the sand
Money VS. Love 2009-12-12 (closed)
I hope that you will chose which you like better, Money or Love!
NewYearParty2010 2010-01-02 (closed)
To decide vital points for the party
Do I fight for my Josie. 2010-07-08 (closed)
I messed up and went to prison. Wife ended up getting with someone else. I love her with all my ...
Groupees Choice Awards 2010 2010-10-15
Groupees Choice Awards 2010
leftover wars 2010-11-30 (closed)
leftover wars
guyz, what eye color is best on a chick?? 2011-05-28 (closed)
for guyz only.... what eye color looks best on a girl or chick?
Cadouri LASM 2012-01-31 (closed)
Draga promotie 2011.. Va este dor de un profesor?? Vreati sa le transmiteti un mesaj?? Alege...
Wealth and Care, But Rules and ... 2012-05-07
A woman is considering whether to enter into a part-time arrangement with a man she likes and res...
Chase Rylen O'Reilly? 2013-01-02
me and my wife can't decide on our future baby boys middle name. this is only one we like. does...
ForGirls:Was eating your vaginal discharge for 1st time a liberating experience? 2015-02-09
For Girls: Was eating your vaginal discharge for your 1st time a liberating experience for you?
Missing Persons? 2015-02-09 (closed)
A loved one (parent/child/sibling) is missing for over 8 years, but has not died. Which would yo...
Girls:Do you call what you eat in your panties discharge, or vaginal discharge? 2015-05-04
Girls: Do you call what you eat in your panties either discharge? or vaginal discharge?
Your Favourite Couple in Benny's House 2015-07-10
A poll to determine which pairing of guys you like best in the story 'Benny's House'. The results...