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People / Relationships


Resorna 2010 2009-09-23
Vart tycker du att jag ska åka? Du bestämmer.
Max Acai Extreme Weight Loss 2009-11-10
Max Acai Extreme Weight Loss
kiss mother hand 2009-12-04 (closed)
kiss mother hand
Does Lack of Teamwork Equal Failure 2009-12-12 (closed)
Is a relationship doomed to fail if the couple does not work well together?
Social Health 2010-02-10
Whether or not students have learned accurate and beneficial knowledge from viewing our education...
Lying or not??? 2010-04-22 (closed)
Relationship involving male and female. Male claims to always think about sex and watches alot o...
Manth's Men 2010-05-17 (closed)
Vote for your fav Manth Man (You know ....that she should like .....date or something) yeah, coo...
Will this game popular? 2010-05-29 (closed)
Will this game - http://guessagechat.com/ - popular?
Naruto 2010-08-25 (closed)
What boys like. 2010-12-01
What boys like.
Change 2010-12-15
I want to know what you think about yourself.
Guys only: What kind of dates do guys like to go on for a first date? 2011-05-26 (closed)
Guys only: What kind of dates do guys like to go on for a first date?
FRASE SAN JUAN 2011-05-29
Adam Olma Anketi 2012-04-09
Adam Olma Anketi
IBB 53 Huisfeest Thema 2012-10-04
Voor die beshlissing van die huishfeesht!
Which one? 1 2013-01-03
Which one do you like most?
light skinned people 2013-05-13
This poll is for light skinned blacks and for what they think is attractive. This is a poll for p...
Women rivals and competition 2013-11-25 (closed)
Instead of a catfight with the other woman, what if there was a more civil way to settle it? The ...
Alberta Commercial Movers 2014-06-09
1811 4 St SW #157 Calgary, AB T2S 0C9, (403) 983-3880 Alberta Commercial Movers is a trusted part...
FaceFarting 2014-12-08
looking for girls to sit and fart on my face
20 questions p2 2016-05-14
part 2 of 20 questions. If you missed the last one you can do it right here: http://www.misterpol...
grand kids getting a bath or shower fully clothed 2017-01-25
To find out how grand parents would react if their grand kids got a bath or shower fully clothed ...
how to tell a girl i like her part 2 2017-09-20
I told this girl that I have a crush on her and all she said is "huh". Is this a good t...
Dad and son cigarette smokers, any age like to hear about influences and opinion 2017-10-06
MALE CIGARETTE SMOKERS ONLY PLEASE I would love to hear the opinions, thoughts and comments from...
What is most important in a resume? 2018-01-29
One of the main questions asked about resumes is, Do I have to include everything on one page? Th...