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Life is meant to be pleasant, yet we, like all the creatures on our planet are plagued by insect ...
On average how many pints do you drink per hour when you go out? 2011-02-01 (closed)
On average how many pints do you drink per hour when you go out to a party or to a nightclub?
30th Birthday Celebration 2012-01-04
Follow along on this timeline as the events start to add up and decide when you think your 30th b...
Polling 2012-08-10
How do you poll in your everyday life?
Asuransi 2012-09-25
vacation 2012-10-01
I want to ask how much money people would spend on a travel agent.
Online Comfort (Children and Adolescence mainly) 2013-01-02
Hey! I am a 15 year old girl and I decided to do a poll that gives people the chance to share the...
Drake or Ben? 2013-03-11
Drake or Ben?
caesarean section 2013-04-08
should women have the right to choose a caesarean section or should they only be performed in eme...
Brown skinned black people 2013-05-13
This poll is for brown skinned blacks and for what they think is attractive. This is a poll for p...
girl pulling boys by their shirts 2014-11-17
Boys, have girls ever pulled you by your shirt?
Could a female nerd please tell me how you would react to this part of my novel? 2015-03-02
Alice was 20 years old & a lovable 5'1 straight A geek, the only virgin of her friends & ...
one shoe 2016-05-16
if your boyfriend/husband asked you to go out wearing one shoe would you??
Fathers with boys who take off and/or lose clothes and shoes in public 2016-09-21
This is a poll for fathers with a son or sons who take off and/or lose shoes and clothes in publi...
taking kids swimming 2017-10-18
to find out if any parents thing their kids would go swimming fully clothed in their shoes and so...
Would you be interested in contacting others with RSD? 2002-10-17
The intent of this website is to give the RSD community a central point of contact and support fo...
Online & E-mail Counseling 2006-07-06
Provide your input about onlline counseling sites and the costs of any services provided
Danny and Gina 2008-06-13 (closed)
danny and gina, who are you...?
Who Does Miley Make A Better Match With ? 2009-01-21
Stepparent's new relationship 2009-06-12 (closed)
I am interested in opinions on a situation that is difficult for people to relate to.
obesity poll (people who suffer from obesity only) 2009-06-20 (closed)
I am doing obesity for a health assignment so don't lie as these answers are to be used in my essay.
Female Bodies 2009-09-22
This poll is designed to portray the female body in its various forms, whether petite and thin or...
Adults with Imaginary Friends 2009-09-23
Adults with Imaginary Friends
Resorna 2010 2009-09-23
Vart tycker du att jag ska åka? Du bestämmer.
Max Acai Extreme Weight Loss 2009-11-10
Max Acai Extreme Weight Loss