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People / Relationships


The Ex-Partner Visits 2002-08-06
The Ex is coming with her new partner! In the 10 days she'll be in town, how often should you see...
Ex-Partner: Wierd or Respectful? 2002-08-09
The drama continues (see other Ex-Partner polls by outgrrrl)...Ms. H is in town, and guess what?
madsalmon holiday photos. 2003-11-18
Have you got any really cool holiday snaps.?
Who is your future husband? 2003-12-04
Who is your fantasy man?
What do other people look like? 2004-08-16
IMPORTANT: Please do NOT answer this poll now, but read it now. Bookmark it and come back later ...
The Blogarazzi Blog 2005-03-10
2005 Blogger Survey
Elder Care- Your Thoughts And Opinions 2005-04-29
Millions of elderly people in America need help with their daily care. What do you think about t...
Boost Survey 2006-01-24
Kids self-confidence
childrens bedtimes 2008-08-04 (closed)
childrens bedtimes
Operations 2008-08-25 (closed)
A quick, anonymous poll on different types of operations people have had.
Romantic Rivalry - Love is a Battlefield 2008-08-25 (closed)
Ladies: In your "battles" of love, have you ever "battled" another woman for ...
Largest Rival in your life 2008-08-29 (closed)
Ladies: Who was the rival in your life that was your biggest nemesis, whether it was at work or ...
Jobseekers...What is your opinion of recruitment agencies? 2008-11-07 (closed)
to ascertain an average perception about recruitment agencies in general from a job seekers point...
Difference between girl-friend and guy-girl-friend? 2008-11-18 (closed)
What makes a girl-friend different than your friend that's a girl? (besides the obvious of course!)
For Mean girls 2008-12-04 (closed)
A poll for mean girls
holding hands with your kids 2008-12-21 (closed)
last time i held my kids hand was today, he's 9, we held hands walking home from his school becau...
Should I Stay or Should I Go? 2009-03-07 (closed)
If I stay there'll be some trouble, though if i go it could be doubled...
Black women and Latin men in Love 2009-04-12 (closed)
Black women and Latin men in Love
Hotties and Notties 2009-06-19 (closed)
Vote on who is hot and who is not. For example Nat Wolff hottie and Kevin Jonas nottie. Also vote...
burp or belch 2009-08-31 (closed)
burp or belch
Is calum mcallister gay [YES!!!] 2009-10-02 (closed)
Is calum mcallister gay [YES!!!]
Abuse Effects 2009-12-12 (closed)
A poll to determine how childhood abuse affects a person in their adulthood.
Paranoid Girlfriend 2010-02-04 (closed)
Pretty much I'm having a massive childish fight with my partner. I've been with her for 2 and hal...
healthhappy 2010-06-15 (closed)
Life is meant to be pleasant, yet we, like all the creatures on our planet are plagued by insect ...