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People / Relationships


Fathers with sons who take shoes off/lose shoes in public 2016-09-08
This is a poll for fathers with sons who take shoes off or lose shoes in public places.
Fathers with sons who misbehave or like to get in trouble in public places 2016-09-08
This is a poll for fathers with sons who like to misbehave or get in trouble in public places by ...
GIRLS GULPING! Girls, have you ever made the cartoon nervous swallow GULP sound? 2016-09-22
A girlfriend I had did the CUTEST thing! Whenever she got in trouble with me (And she LOVED to ge...
Ticklish guys feet 2016-09-24
Ticklish guys feet
grand kids getting a bath or shower fully clothed 2017-01-25
To find out how grand parents would react if their grand kids got a bath or shower fully clothed ...
Lost friends? 2017-03-12 (closed)
Lost friends?
Dad and son cigarette smokers, any age like to hear about influences and opinion 2017-10-06
MALE CIGARETTE SMOKERS ONLY PLEASE I would love to hear the opinions, thoughts and comments from...
(women) 15-40 please read..about men 2002-05-31
about sex life and such
The Ex-Partner Visits 2002-08-06
The Ex is coming with her new partner! In the 10 days she'll be in town, how often should you see...
Would you be interested in contacting others with RSD? 2002-10-17
The intent of this website is to give the RSD community a central point of contact and support fo...
madsalmon holiday photos. 2003-11-18
Have you got any really cool holiday snaps.?
Who is your future husband? 2003-12-04
Who is your fantasy man?
The Blogarazzi Blog 2005-03-10
2005 Blogger Survey
Boost Survey 2006-01-24
Kids self-confidence
childrens bedtimes 2008-08-04 (closed)
childrens bedtimes
Operations 2008-08-25 (closed)
A quick, anonymous poll on different types of operations people have had.
Romantic Rivalry - Love is a Battlefield 2008-08-25 (closed)
Ladies: In your "battles" of love, have you ever "battled" another woman for ...
Largest Rival in your life 2008-08-29 (closed)
Ladies: Who was the rival in your life that was your biggest nemesis, whether it was at work or ...
Jobseekers...What is your opinion of recruitment agencies? 2008-11-07 (closed)
to ascertain an average perception about recruitment agencies in general from a job seekers point...
Difference between girl-friend and guy-girl-friend? 2008-11-18 (closed)
What makes a girl-friend different than your friend that's a girl? (besides the obvious of course!)
For Mean girls 2008-12-04 (closed)
A poll for mean girls
holding hands with your kids 2008-12-21 (closed)
last time i held my kids hand was today, he's 9, we held hands walking home from his school becau...
Should I Stay or Should I Go? 2009-03-07 (closed)
If I stay there'll be some trouble, though if i go it could be doubled...
Black women and Latin men in Love 2009-04-12 (closed)
Black women and Latin men in Love
Hotties and Notties 2009-06-19 (closed)
Vote on who is hot and who is not. For example Nat Wolff hottie and Kevin Jonas nottie. Also vote...