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People / Relationships


General 2009-05-22 (closed)
Survey for Men - Commitment & Marriage 2010-01-14 (closed)
This survey is designed for men who are currently in relationships (but not yet married), and in ...
Donation for Haiti or Spending on Valentine 2010-02-13 (closed)
More than 200,000 people have been killed in Haiti's earthquake and millions left homeless. We n...
Good Guy 2010-03-24 (closed)
...hypothetically....is he a "good man" if knowingly he knows that a woman is married b...
Dream Characters 2010-04-05
I have become attached to people that I have dreamed about, and felt affectionate to them.
BRAZILIAN EXPENDITURE 2010-05-27 (closed)
The aim of this poll is to see how on what and how much money brazilians spend.
Is your heartbeat visible (for women) 2010-06-15 (closed)
Is your heartbeat visible?
Facebook Elopement Announcements 2010-08-13 (closed)
This situation has happened to me and I am interested to find out what the public thinks about th...
Others 2010-12-15
I want to know what you think of others.
Little gestures 2011-08-06
a follow-up on my previous poll. little things that spark interest.
Beach/ Boardwalk ****(NJ) 2012-03-26 (closed)
Beach/ Boardwalk ****(NJ)
Which engagement ring should I give my girlfriend?! 2012-05-01
I am no good at picking jewelry...which of these rings you u think is the prettiest and best for ...
strongest opinion 2013-03-22
this is nothing more than getting people to think about things in different way like looking at a...
for all girls who has dated a guy named shawn 2013-03-25
asking girls questions about bf's ex's named shawn
Car Shark Victoria 2013-10-14
Carshark offers easy to understand finance for your new car at a great rate. If you like, we can ...
girl pulling boys by their shirts 2014-11-17
Boys, have girls ever pulled you by your shirt?
Can a female give her thoughts for my character who gets NAKED revenge? 2015-03-02
Jason and Sarah were both college freshmen and best friends, despite their HUGE differences. Jaso...
Boyfriend project 2015-05-04
I am doing a project on getting the right boyfriend. If you have read "the boy project &quo...
Could a female give reactions for my play when a woman sees an old friend NUDE? 2015-06-21
Martin and Daisy were close friends in high school. Although he's a geek, Daisy did always think ...
Do our clothing choices affect our behavior? 2015-06-21
Did you know that the clothes you wear might affect how confident you are, or how calm you are wh...
Do you find guys farting on guys erotic? 2016-05-07
I personally find it hot when a muscular guy with some fat fart tortures a younger skinny guy. Do...
Fathers with sons who take shoes off/lose shoes in public 2016-09-08
This is a poll for fathers with sons who take shoes off or lose shoes in public places.
Fathers with sons who misbehave or like to get in trouble in public places 2016-09-08
This is a poll for fathers with sons who like to misbehave or get in trouble in public places by ...
GIRLS GULPING! Girls, have you ever made the cartoon nervous swallow GULP sound? 2016-09-22
A girlfriend I had did the CUTEST thing! Whenever she got in trouble with me (And she LOVED to ge...
Ticklish guys feet 2016-09-24
Ticklish guys feet