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People / Relationships


Hayley Williams 2013-01-31
As you can probably tell, I "like" Hayley Williams. This is just to find out how many o...
Dating App Survey 2013-10-08
What women like their feet tickled 2013-12-26
Describe what ypou like about having your feet tickled
Women Like... 2014-01-20
Women Like...
Relationships VS Xbox 2014-09-19
Have you ever wanted to smash your significance others xbox (or gaming device) because you felt t...
Emotions 2014-10-06
Girls, what level of emotion is it good for a guy to express, and what takes it over the edge?
Are you terminally ill? 2014-10-26
I have an angiosarcoma and about four months to a year left to live. I just want to connect to pe...
Boyfriend project 2015-05-04
I am doing a project on getting the right boyfriend. If you have read "the boy project &quo...
For guys who want to be girls 2015-05-07
For guys who want to be girls
Survey - Trying To Get The Excellent Legal Counsel 2016-06-29
The function of William Strachan Family Law as a Certified Family Law Specialist is to distinguis...
Shoulder rides poll. Girls riding on boys' shoulders. Girls only. 2016-08-09
Hello! This is a poll about shoulder rides. Girls/Women riding on boys/guys. It is for Girls and ...
Trans Guys and Wearing Vests 2016-09-22
FOR FTM TRANS MEN AND ASSIGNED FEMALE NON-BINARY - We all know of what binding is. We all know ho...
Kids swimming fully clothed in their trainers and socks 2017-12-07
To find out how many grand parents would let their hand children swim in the local pond fully clo...
Tickling experience 2018-05-01
Describe your first or worst tickling experience
Ex-Partner: Wierd or Respectful? 2002-08-09
The drama continues (see other Ex-Partner polls by outgrrrl)...Ms. H is in town, and guess what?
What do other people look like? 2004-08-16
IMPORTANT: Please do NOT answer this poll now, but read it now. Bookmark it and come back later ...
Meeting women 2004-09-10
Where should a guy go to meet a cute woman to go out with? (Female voters only please)
Why do you blog? 2004-10-12
Hey... This poll is pretty simple. just click on the options and you are set to go! (it's for blo...
College age women please help! 2004-11-21
Ladies I need your help! I am a 33 year old grad student who is interested in three undergrad wom...
Divine Divani 2005-02-02
Divine Divani has been established to procure opinions and reasons behind going to the bar!
Zoe's research! 2005-03-01
I would like to investigate if people would ask a former classmate (whom they have barely talked ...
Elder Care- Your Thoughts And Opinions 2005-04-29
Millions of elderly people in America need help with their daily care. What do you think about t...
Confidence with girls? Girls only answering please 2008-07-08 (closed)
How can shy boys gain confidence around girls?
If Buffett is gone 2008-10-10 (closed)
Looking at a 100 votes here
are these girls hot 2008-11-30 (closed)
you decide