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People / Relationships


Whose glasses are better? 2005-07-06
Pimp glasses competition - Who has the pimpest glasses? Geniypher or Randy?
Problem Solving 2005-10-27
Hello people! I want to know you oppinions about where you go to solve a problem, and how you go ...
Mr. & Mrs. Right 2006-03-19
We are looking for the man or the woman who has very good health and high status in Australia. He...
The Questions About E-mail 2006-06-07
Hello. I am a university student in Japan. We are making a survey in English class, so please an...
Presidential Appearance 2007-01-02
How much does the appearance of the President influence your vote.
What would you do (romantic dilemma)? 2007-02-13
Suppose you like a girl -- who also likes you, by all appearances -- but you can not date at the ...
Husband Poll (girls only) 2008-06-07 (closed)
How tall would you want your husband to be?
first date 2008-07-18 (closed)
what you do on the first date
Competitive or Cooperative? 2008-09-01 (closed)
This is a poll of human behavior, in terms of kindness and cooperation versus aggressiveness and ...
Consumer Value of Life Coaching and Image Consulting 2008-10-16
Life coaching and image consulting are used for the purposes of increasing self esteem, individua...
Remariage After Divorce 2008-11-04 (closed)
Remariage After Divorce
Rivals in the Battlefield of Romance 2008-11-25 (closed)
Ladies: Have you ever had a rival or another woman who you had to compete with in one way or ano...
Build A Will (England, Wales, N Ireland version)) 2009-01-25 (closed)
Creating the perfect Will can be fun - you will find. It is a little, in fact, like completi...
youtube 2009-07-17 (closed)
two friends created a youtube account, they think of a name and friend 2 makes the name and they ...
Financial Infidelity 2009-09-22 (closed)
Financial Infidelity
teenage drug use-parents 2009-10-11 (closed)
Questions for parents about their teenage drug use and what they tell their children.
Schutte Twins Poll 2009-11-29 (closed)
Schutte Twins Poll
Holiday return address mail 2009-12-16
Holiday mail survey for those needing a return address with a <a href="http://www.simplys...
Love is a battlefield - Is all fair in Love and war? 2010-01-14 (closed)
Ladies - In your dating experiences, do you believe all is fair in love and war?
2010 Singles Survey 2010-03-28 (closed)
Every few years Fast Match survey its members to get a better handle of what singles want, need, ...
Squashing the competition 2010-07-05 (closed)
Ladies: ever "battle" another woman over a man? What if there was a civil way to settle...
Poll for Women - Romantic Rivals 2010-08-23 (closed)
Ladies: Let's face it. our lives are full of competition, whether we like it or not. When it come...
Competing with a Rival (Romantic) 2010-11-07 (closed)
Ladies: We all have had to compete with a rival for a guy at one time or another.
Love 2010-11-12
Lets find how love is sweet when two couples leaving to gether en trust each other en love each o...
Your Personal Belongings 2011-09-20 (closed)
Have you ever had a roommate, friend, relative etc. use your personal belongings without asking? ...