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People / Relationships


how long 2012-06-25
you've been writting back and forth..how long before you consider yourselves friends
name for baby girl 2012-09-26 (closed)
best name for my baby girl
Men and stag dos 2012-12-13
Men and stag dos
Moederdag actie 2013-01-29 (closed)
Wie wint 2 sieraden - pakketten + een ingelijste foto. Breng je stem uit op de mooiste foto!
Pickup lines 2013-03-22
Most guys have someting they will say the first time they meet an attractive girl to tryand get t...
can a toddlers and tiaras a lot of little big girls beat us up or pin us? 2013-05-28
Toddlers and Tiaras girls beating up us boys
What should we name our baby, if it's a Girl? 2013-06-20 (closed)
We are stuck on girl names! We would like to have both boys and girl names picked out before we f...
new car auctions 2013-10-14
CarShark negotiates with all local dealers on your behalf, saving you the hassle. Visit : <a h...
Girls, do you like a guy with a contagious laugh? 2013-11-25
I'm told by many people that I have a contagious laugh and alot of girls tell me I'm funny. But s...
kids get a bath or shower fully clothed in thier shoes and sock 2014-06-09
to find out if any parents have evre let their kids get a bath or shower fully clothed
Foot Shyness Problem 2014-09-19 (closed)
I've always had a foot shyness problem for as long as I could remember. I'm not exactly sure how ...
How should I ask her out? (casually)? 3 questions 2015-05-04
Okay, so I am 21 and she is 19 (let's call her Sierra). I met her last October for my friends (Ke...
Will a female please act her most VENGEFUL to help with this part of my book? 2015-05-07
Brent was a nerdy 19 year old sophomore in college, cocky about his intelligence.. He was a littl...
I LOVE JUDITH! 2015-06-21
Judith is 15 and she is my sister's BFF!I don't understand how she likes to hang out with my sist...
donut behavior 2015-07-22
Men are from mars and women are from venus?
Prevalence of Being Biracial With A Black Mother 2015-11-21
As a biracial person with a Black mother I have noticed that this seems to be very uncommon. Ofte...
girl lift boy 2016-05-28
girls lifting boy
Social Influence 2017-02-01
The purpose of this poll is to gather data on the influence of others in decision making, integri...
Speakerphone conversations 2017-05-25 (closed)
Got into a big debate and I need to turn to my friends and other family and YOU. So it's in regar...
how to tell a girl i have a crush on her. GIRLS ONLY PLEASE 2017-09-20
I have this nice girl at my school that I want to tell I have a crush on her but I don't know how...
How to convince someone? 2018-01-22
How to convince someone?
Singles Over 35 - Who pays? 2002-09-04
I am conducting a survey to see what impact, if any, the overall increase in women's personal wea...
Nerdy guys 2003-07-24
I just needed to make a poll.
.com mind 2003-08-02
Binary Vs. Nurture
divorce and family diversity 2005-06-28
my poll is going to be about the rate of people now having divorces and what it leads into, e.g d...