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People / Relationships


The Most Influential Wedding Blog Of 2008 2008-09-07
Luxurious Wedding .com wants to know who is your favorite wedding blogger? Has their blog been i...
haha 2008-09-28
continued from previous poll by muah
Who is the hottest rocker guy? 2008-12-21 (closed)
The list is in order alphabetically. (I LOVE ALL OF THEM)
If you had a chance to air your opinion freely, would you take it? 2008-12-29 (closed)
Picture this. You are amongst your peers, family, friends, for all that matters, fellow human bei...
A GPS? SAY what?!@#!A 2009-06-12 (closed)
You decide it's time to get your car's oil changed so you pull into a lube shop and are no longer...
What do you like better? NAMES!!!! 2009-09-23 (closed)
What's a better name, Dave David Davey
Psychology Field Test 2009-09-24 (closed)
Psychology Field Test
mom and son 2010-01-06 (closed)
its about hand kissing
Drive 2010-02-23 (closed)
jest a question
Marriage vs. Living Together 2010-08-25 (closed)
I'm starting a research paper using compare and contrast. I want some insights as to what others ...
Achieving Goals and Inner and Outer Events 2010-08-25
What kinds of inner and outer events affect your holding a focus and positive state of mind while...
Great or bad relationship 2010-10-15
Admittedly I am a guy who is unexperienced in normal male/female relationships. I've had my issue...
Girls, would you dump a guy if he didn't want to get married (17-24 only) 2011-01-10 (closed)
This poll is for females who are 17-24 only. The purpose is to see what % of females would dump ...
Post- Break-Up 2011-12-17 (closed)
Post- Break-Up
name for baby girl 2012-09-26 (closed)
best name for my baby girl
Men and stag dos 2012-12-13
Men and stag dos
Moederdag actie 2013-01-29 (closed)
Wie wint 2 sieraden - pakketten + een ingelijste foto. Breng je stem uit op de mooiste foto!
Pickup lines 2013-03-22
Most guys have someting they will say the first time they meet an attractive girl to tryand get t...
Would u crossdress me? 2013-05-13
If you wanna crossdress a 14 year old kid, text 440-575-5528 or email austinmots@hotmail.com. Ans...
What should we name our baby, if it's a Girl? 2013-06-20 (closed)
We are stuck on girl names! We would like to have both boys and girl names picked out before we f...
Girls, What Types of Humor and Jokes do You Prefer? 2013-07-08
I'm just trying to find out what types of humor applies to different types of girls with differen...
Girls, do you like a guy with a contagious laugh? 2013-11-25
I'm told by many people that I have a contagious laugh and alot of girls tell me I'm funny. But s...
Foot Shyness Problem 2014-09-19 (closed)
I've always had a foot shyness problem for as long as I could remember. I'm not exactly sure how ...
Will a female please act her most VENGEFUL to help with this part of my book? 2015-05-07
Brent was a nerdy 19 year old sophomore in college, cocky about his intelligence.. He was a littl...
Employment standards and what should you do if you hate your job? 2015-06-01
Vote on what you think is the best choice to make if you hate your job and answer questions on th...