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People / Relationships


On A Cruise: Acceptable Adult Relationship (1-5 years) Behavior 2013-06-20
This poll has a variety of questions on being on a cruise with a significant other - how to act, ...
Different Types of Sneeze 2013-09-13 (closed)
This is a listing of different types of sneezes(inspired by a page I saw with the same concept, d...
Girls shoulder riding boys 2014-08-18
Girls who like to ride on boys' shoulders
Girls-What were your thoughts when eating your vaginal discharge 1st &2nd times? 2015-02-09
Girls-What were your thoughts when eating your vaginal discharge 1st &2nd times?
do you think slenders fake? 2015-05-19
say yes or no
Date activities when you are dressed up for dinner. 2015-08-11
This poll is intended for those who enjoy fine dining at least some of the time, to get a feel fo...
Ladies, rate the pleasantness of touching a man´s abs 2015-09-14
Ladies, rate the pleasantness of touching a man´s abs
Lost a bet and have to kiss Indian girl's feet 2015-11-19
Okay, so I made a bet with my friend, and now I have to kiss her feet. A lot. She s a cute Indian...
Guys in capris 2016-09-16
Guys in capris
Riding Boots 2017-03-21
Do you like Riding Boots? I do. I'm not sure why, but I love wearing them, polishing them and se...
having a crush on or falling in love with your sisters friends 2017-07-12
This poll is for any boy that fell in love with or got a crush on one of their sister's friends a...
Have you told your wife that you're gay? 2018-03-11
Please answer the following poll ONLY if you are currently or formerly married to your wife for a...
Paramedics Treating Children 2018-03-11
This is a survey about paramedics who treat children in an ambulance. How the children react and ...
who wants a good guy 2001-10-24
This poll is designed to see if how many girls actually want a guy that would give them a great t...
For Girls-How Do You Read A Girl 2002-12-03
The results of this poll should help you find out the inner workings of the female friends mind a...
Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery ok? 2003-02-07
How do you feel about plastic or cosmetic surgery?
Refund 1/2 month rent or not? 2003-06-25
We rented out a room in our house for 2 1/2 months. The first month and a half went by without p...
FACIAL HAIR - AYE or NAYE 2004-01-07
Let's find out what you ladies think about it, and if you know what you're talking about!
True Love or Unbridled Lust? 2004-08-13
Mary Kay Letourneau was recently released from the Big House for doin' the Nasty with one of her ...
Workplace Violence 2004-10-09
I am a student of St. Josephs college and I am doing a study to measure the effects on productivi...
For Women only -- Dating and Asking out 2004-12-20
please only anwer this poll if you are a woman -- these straightforward questions deserve honest ...
The "Quality 4 Life!" ™ Survey 2005-03-01
This purpose of this poll is to understand the areas of adult life skills that individuals most w...
f***k you dearest friend 2005-03-01
have you ever been to that place were you feel that you dont recognise your best friend?
About Choose a Partner 2005-04-19
It is a survey about choosing a partner.
Communication skills