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People / Relationships


Valentine's Day, Saint or a Sin 2010-01-28 (closed)
Is Valentines day a day of joy and love or better left up to Machine Gun Kelly?
Dumb post on craigslist 2010-04-21
My idiot friend put up a craigslist ad http://wyoming.craigslist.org/cas/1683657003.html saying h...
Valentines Day Gifts 2011-02-20 (closed)
Select any one option.
Muscular Women 2011-05-17 (closed)
Are you a muscular woman?
Stay at home parenting 2012-04-19 (closed)
Would you prefer to be a stay-at-home parent or work full-time?
Who Will Be Next Admin 2012-07-20
The Admin will be the One who gets Maximum Votes
What Was Your First Impression Of Me? 2012-08-10
I Was Bored ^_^
Mate Preferences 2013-04-29
This is a poll for a Gender Studies class about sex differences in mate preferences.
Tiger Underwear 2013-05-20
good underwear does anyone have them to
On A Cruise: Acceptable Adult Relationship (1-5 years) Behavior 2013-06-20
This poll has a variety of questions on being on a cruise with a significant other - how to act, ...
Girls, What Types of Humor and Jokes do You Prefer? 2013-07-08
I'm just trying to find out what types of humor applies to different types of girls with differen...
Different Types of Sneeze 2013-09-13 (closed)
This is a listing of different types of sneezes(inspired by a page I saw with the same concept, d...
Girls shoulder riding boys 2014-08-18
Girls who like to ride on boys' shoulders
do you think slenders fake? 2015-05-19
say yes or no
Date activities when you are dressed up for dinner. 2015-08-11
This poll is intended for those who enjoy fine dining at least some of the time, to get a feel fo...
Mothers, would you tell your children you've had a fight. 2015-11-16
Mothers, would you tell your children you've had a fight.
Gay and Lesbian Identity and Social Media 2016-05-29
Examining Identity Development among Gay and Lesbian Identifying 18-30 years old.
adult did you were treated like a teenager Because of your appearance, enuresis 2017-05-04
adult did you were treated like a teenager Because of your appearance, enuresis
Fathers with sons who take shoes off in restaurants 2018-10-10
This is a poll for fathers with boys (sons) who take their shoes off in restaurants and how you r...
who wants a good guy 2001-10-24
This poll is designed to see if how many girls actually want a guy that would give them a great t...
For Girls-How Do You Read A Girl 2002-12-03
The results of this poll should help you find out the inner workings of the female friends mind a...
Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery ok? 2003-02-07
How do you feel about plastic or cosmetic surgery?
Refund 1/2 month rent or not? 2003-06-25
We rented out a room in our house for 2 1/2 months. The first month and a half went by without p...
FACIAL HAIR - AYE or NAYE 2004-01-07
Let's find out what you ladies think about it, and if you know what you're talking about!
True Love or Unbridled Lust? 2004-08-13
Mary Kay Letourneau was recently released from the Big House for doin' the Nasty with one of her ...