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People / Relationships


GUYS ONLY - Girls with braces 2004-12-27
Guys, this will establish whether we like girls with or without braces!
Are girls superior to boys? 2007-02-21
I am a 15 yeard old boy and all my life since I was a child I noticed that girls seems to be bett...
What kind of guys do you like?(Ladies only please) 2005-01-07
On the behalf of my self and others out there i would like to know just exactly what you like in ...
Male Experiences Sleeping Nude 2010-01-06
Please only males should respond.
Tickling: Torture or Fun? 2003-03-25
For me, tickling has always been just fun. I think, it's a great way to make others laugh and ha...
its about where the most beautiful girls an boys are
girls making boys slaves 2008-11-14 (closed)
i have seen alot of polls and i just wonderd if girls could in any way would you have a boy as a ...
Men / boys sleeping nude / naked 2010-09-03
If you are male, do you sleep without clothes? When did you start? How often?
The ideal girl (for teen boys) 2004-11-22
For guys only. Be honest, the ladies will appreciate it.
Girls Only - Up Shorts Penis View 2006-06-06
I saw this happen last week, and it was on a Friend's episode one time... say you could see a gu...
Male Submissive Vow of Obedience 2008-05-03
In the distant past, a woman's marriage vows often included a Vow of Obedience. Today, women most...
Sexiest Zodiac Sign 2003-11-06
Of the 12, which zodiac sign produces the sexiest people?
The Perfect boyfriend/husband (girls only) 2004-04-26
Please answer honestly, as I am trying to make myself the best boyfriend/husband ever! Please put...
Does it bother you if your wife/girlfriend flirts with guys? 2005-04-07
How do you feel if your wife/girlfriend flirts with other guys you know? Do you think the guys sh...
First time you saw your mom naked 2004-09-28
This poll is for guys. When was the first time you saw your mom naked?
The Sexiest Race 2005-01-21
This is a poll just to determine what everybody's racial preferences are when it comes to the opp...
Black & White (for White Girls ONLY) 2003-06-29
A poll for white girls to explain their attraction to the black race
Asking Parents for a Spanking 2015-06-21
This is a poll concerns asking one's parents for a spanking. The intention is for adults who are...
What do girls do to turn you on? (guys under 25 only) 2005-12-14
There are soo many different things that turn guys on. I'm doing this poll to see if what I do or...
Female Superiority - Are They? 2002-06-22
Are women overall superior to men?
i'm jut asking to se if all brother are annoying like mine! ;-)
Boys sharing bed or bath with other boys 2002-11-23
As a kid I always shared a double bed with my brother. We both slept with nothing on, and whenev...
Male Masterbation Poll 2009-05-11
What are male's habbits in masterbation.
Why do white girls fall for black guys 2004-12-17
The poll is regarding my research paper on sexual preferences in the society, their reasons and i...
The easiest girls in the world (for guys) 2005-06-01