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People / Relationships


Girls at home 2005-10-25
I was wondering about at home situations with girls.
Tickled Under Your Arms (Girls Only) 2008-11-07
Way too many feet polls here. No one usually talks about being tickled in the armpits which I th...
What's your opinion on virginity loss?
Does eye contact signal crush? (GAY) 2004-08-16
For GAY MEN/TEENS only. Does a man's frequent eye contact with you mean he likes you?
Bi-Racial Girls(guys only) 2004-12-09
answer the questions...
Do you think that people are born gay or is it a choice? 2013-03-22
Just a simple question... Do you think poeple are born gay? I am just curious what the general...
VIRGINITY survey! 2005-01-09
is it worth waiting?
Teenage girls only; Humiliation 2006-09-25
What do you feel would be the most humiliating thing that could happen to you
Men, how often do you need to shave your facial hair? 2007-04-03
This is a poll to find out how often a man needs to shave to keep a smooth looking face.
What do Guys like in Girls? 2005-09-20
What sort of stuff that girls do/wear/are do guys like best?
How much time do you spend with your boyfriend/girlfriend? 2004-04-20
I spend a lot of time with my boyfriend because we are in college together. We were curious abou...
Sitters\Babysitters 2011-06-22
Until what age did you have a sitter\babysitter?
Lesbians only!!! 2005-10-08
If you are a male or a straight girl, please leave, thanks :)
Teens sexuality 2011-03-16
(Teen Guys Only)
Gender and sexual orientation of /u/ 2012-01-18
Gender and sexual orientation of /u/
Shoe Size 2006-06-14
Shoe size information
Statutory Rape 2005-04-29
There have been a lot of news stories of teacher/student sex relations so here is a poll to find ...
All about anklets and ankle bracelets 2005-12-19
Talk about anklet, fashion, going barefoot and bare feet / barefeet
Earrings for guys (Girls and ladies only) 2006-01-25
The purpose of this poll is to find out what women girls/ladies think of guys with earrings
Do you think can you tell if someone is gay? 2006-04-14
I'm interested to know if people still believe the popular stereotypes about gay men are true, ba...
Boys and their bare chests! 2010-02-04
Okay so I am 44 years old and I have a husband and 4 boys ages 11, 14, 15, and 17. All 4 of my bo...
White Men Who Love Black Women 2004-01-16
Seeing how many white men like black women
Cheating Wives 2011-04-08
This is a poll to see about how many wives have cheated or would cheat on their husbands, and why.
should your girlfriend talk to her ex 2005-03-16
what i am trying to figure out is if it is ok for my girlfriend to talk to her ex borfriend if he...
A poll for real "girly girls" only! 2006-10-02
As a "girly girl" I like to ware nice clothes, especially skirts and dresses. I also l...