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People / Relationships


Make your dream girl 2005-01-09
just make our dream girl
Black Teenage Boys Only! 2005-07-02
This poll is to find out more about the way the brothers feel!
White Men Who Prefer/like Black women 2008-01-05
White Men Who Prefer/like Black women
Gay Boys Only........Gay Boys and Girlfriends 2004-04-20
I'm a gay boy (16 years old) with homophobic parents and friends. I'm friendly with most people o...
girls what kind of guys do you like 2003-10-14
girls what type of guys do you like
For Men and Women: What is sexy in a woman? 2004-01-14
This poll asks men and women basically the same questions. Please only answer the questions for ...
Which Do You Guys Prefer? 2004-09-28
All you guys have to do is choose which option you find more attractive about a girl
ever been seen nacked by another boy 2008-11-09
A couple of days ago I walked in on my male friend changing. I saw him completely nude. Has this...
What is your ideal mate? 2001-02-24
What is your ideal mate like? Find out by taking this poll
Tickle Torture 2008-07-08 (closed)
Is tickling torture or not? It leaves no marks on its victims, so should it be used as a form of ...
Long Nails 2006-06-07
a poll for all to see if you like long nails on girls
Compare male and female feet 2001-05-20
Compare feet
Tickled by siblings 2003-03-25
Have you got siblings? And have you ever been tickled by them? What do you think about that?
All about tickling 2003-12-05
Find out more about you!
SKINNY RIBS (for girls) 2006-01-12
Most fashion models are so thin their ribs show. You can also see girls with skinny ribs on the b...
This poll is for hispanic girls only
poll for girls: race with the best looking guys 2004-03-30
This poll is to determine which race the highest percentage of girls of different races think has...
For teenage guys 2006-06-14
About teen guy things.
Mothers and Sons 2008-10-23
Mothers and Sons
What Do Guys Look For In Girls? 2004-01-23
What do guys look for in girls? What are the main reasons, what doesn't matter in the least?
Do You Like Redheads? 2003-07-25
Do you think Redheads look good or not? Plus more.
what do guys like girls to wear? 2004-04-24
guys, vote on what you like girls to wear, just on normal school days.
Stronger sister 2008-07-30
So i see polls about strong girls all the time and i was wonderin some things about sisters stron...
Girls in harems 2007-12-18
This poll is for GIRLS only. It's to see of girls would like to be a harem girl.
Do we need specific laws to control men? 2005-01-25
In a future society where women dominate over males,new laws may be introduced to modify the beha...