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People / Relationships


Older Girls Playing with Dolls 2006-07-14
Hi, my name is Susan Jane and I am a single girl of 26 who still loves to play with my dolls. I h...
Teachers who spank students 2013-02-19
This is a poll for educators who have actually handed out corporal punishment to a student; legal...
Older men with younger female bosses (for men only) 2010-01-01
More and more older men seem to find themselves under the supervision of younger women bosses. T...
If your little brother ask... 2010-08-21
This is for girls that have younger brothers. If you don't have a younger brother, answer as if ...
Sibling cuddling/snuggling (Brothers) 2009-01-13
Awwwwwwwwww, come on now, you all cuddle right? Well here is this cute little poll, sorry, no sis...
Hot Women Personality Types 2004-02-23
This is for men ONLY, asking you what personality type you go for in a woman:
Strict Parents 2005-03-22
How strict are your parents? Do they totally control your life, or are they really cool? Answer m...
Most Attractive Hair Colour/Style 2009-07-15
What kind of hair do you find most attractive?
How Often Do Women Think of Sex? 2003-07-24
This poll is for me to discover how often women think about sex.
Girls teasing guys 2003-07-16
I'm not talking schoolyard "nyah-nyah" teasing, but older girl-guy "maybe, maybe, ...
Prefer Free or Attached Earlobes? 2005-10-24
Attached is where the earlobe goes directly to the side of the head Free is where a little piece ...
Types of Girls (Guys Only) 2005-12-29
I was wondering what you guys think about a girl's style or attitude.
Young Adult Spanking 2013-04-22
This poll is for young men who are still spanked or would like to be!
FEMALES ONLY!I Which sex would you want your baby to be? 2004-02-11
If you were to have a baby, what sex would you rather it was?
what is your hand size (for girls only) 2004-10-11
i think i have small hands but i'm not sure...So i have create this poll to know exactly if the w...
A new battle of the sexes poll. 2004-11-05
The battle of the sexes seems to be heating up. This poll is about how males & females see th...
Changing gender roles 2007-10-27
There are now more females than males enrolled in college and university courses. Inevitably, it ...
Wife in Islam 2003-07-29
This is a poll about the wife in islam.
*GUYS: girl's appearance* 2004-09-15
How do you like your girl's appearance to be?
Do Girls find Asian men Attractive 2003-02-19
I was just wondering if girls find asian men attractive, specifically white women. Why or why not.
Future Matriarchy 2004-01-28
It has become obvious women are gaining power at an increasing pace. Will women emerge as the dom...
How fake are you? 2008-03-17
How fake are you?
Circumcision 2006-06-16
Yeah or Nah?
Girls from a Guy's Perspective (an in depth survey) 2003-10-28
Guys, what are your point of view of girls and how they relate to your life?
What Do Guys Like in a Girl (Guys Only) 2004-07-25
Lets really see what all you guys think about girls & what you like the most about them.