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People / Relationships


Ideal girl versus Real girls 2006-07-25
I see all these polls about the "ideal girl." However, the majority of people don't lo...
Sexiest Girl Names? 2008-05-22
I want to know which names guys think are the sexiest, so vote, vote, vote!
Naked at home 2008-01-22
What do you wear around your home and would you change if the living arrangements
Teen Boys and Crying 2011-07-27
Despite their best efforts to act manly and tough, many teenage boys are far more sensitive than ...
How Tall Should A Woman Be? **A POLL FOR GUYS AND GIRLS** 2003-07-24
Here are some questions on women's heights.
Sleepover (Girls Only) 2007-09-02
I am a 13 year old girl and need sugestions on what to do at my 14th birthday sleepover.
Lesbian Poll 2006-08-28
This poll is designed to assess attitudes toward lesbians and lesbian sexuality.
Kids Tickling Babysitters 2012-10-22
THIS POLL IS FOR: anyone who has ever babysat for kids that have tickled them, and anyone who has...
Who is your future partner? 2005-04-19
What are your requirements when you decide to choose your future partner? This is a survey of yo...
spanking inquiry 2014-02-02
a few general questions about spanking
White Men and Hispanic Women 2003-05-30
I'm just curious about how white men feel about Hispanic women.
Child encouraged to be naked 2009-04-09
Situation - A mother walks in on an eight year old boy while changing and he gets upset and cries...
Clothing Limits (in Public Places) for Kids 2010-10-15
There are a number of polls dealing with clothing limits parents and society sets for kids in pub...
MEN 18+ ONLY: Are women becoming the dominant sex? 2012-02-03
All around the world, women are making huge strides in narrowing and even eliminating the gender ...
Playful Spankings 2003-07-24
While I was at McDonald's today, I saw a mother reach down and playfully spank her four year old...
Teen boy sleepover 2008-11-23
Some say its ok, some say its not ok, what do you think?
World's coolest jobs. 2003-06-25
If you could give it all up and live your dream....
(GIRLS ONLY POLL) Do Girls Like Watching Girl On Girl Sex? 2005-01-14
Do You Girls Like Watching Girl On Girl Sex? Many women would like to experience or see it.
teen girls wearing diapers for special occasions 2015-05-04
i want to know how many teen girls wear diapers for holidays and special occassions and how they...
A poll to determine what people, especially other teens, consider reasonable in terms of punishin...
Are you happy with your girlfriend? (Guys only) 2007-10-26
Is your girl everything you want and more or your worst nightmare?
gay guys 2008-01-21
gay guys
Which jobs make a man more attractive (women only)? 2006-10-09
THIS POLL IS FOR WOMEN ONLY. Imagine you're single and you meet a reasonably attractive guy. Th...
girly things 2006-03-17
i just wanted know how many girly teenage boys do girly things ladies can answer for there men
Are people getting taller? 2005-08-28
Statistics say that a man's average height is 5'9 1/2" and a woman's average height is 5'4 1...