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People / Relationships


Which kind of greeting gesture do you (dis)like displaying to others? 2015-08-17
By that, I mean someone who is not your boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance, husband, or wife as well a...
Interracial Romantic Relations 2015-08-13
Which races are considered the most attractive?
Moms Who Tickle Their Teen Boys in Public 2015-08-13
Moms Who Tickle Their Teen Boys in Public
Adult Male Being Spanked by a Woman 2015-08-13
whether its a fantasy or has happened, this is a poll for both men and women to share information...
Guys wearing panties 2015-08-13
Guys wearing panties
Should you get fat? 2015-08-13
GIRLS ONLY (btw this isn't the original. The original is at http://www.gotoquiz.com/should_you_g...
shoes and socks removed by friends mom 2015-08-13
my name is micah and i have an experience to share, one time i was visiting a friend and their ru...
quick survey abut penis size 2015-08-13
I'm curious about other women's experience with size and also curious how my boyfriend measures up.
Men: Dominate me 2015-08-13
I'm a bit submissive and having fantasies about being dominated, disciplined, punished, and put i...
Date activities when you are dressed up for dinner. 2015-08-11
This poll is intended for those who enjoy fine dining at least some of the time, to get a feel fo...
Getting to know you 2015-08-11
To each other in the class
I'm finding that a lot of people admit to being interested in attending nude beaches but never do...
Secret punishment of girlfriend 2015-08-11
Sometimes my girlfriend is unfriendly to me. Then I punish her secretly when she is not at home. ...
Please help decide punishment 2015-07-22 (closed)
Recently i amm lazy and need get punishment. Please help decide punishment for me (I am male). P...
Cum (GUYS ONLY) 2015-07-22
Have you Ever Cheated on your Husband or Boyfriend? 2015-07-22
Please answer only if you are a female and you are 100% confidential and genuine about your answe...
How do you think people see themselves? 2015-07-22
Do you think people generally are their own worst critic or try to inflate their own ego?
What Girls look for in a relationship? (Girls Only) 2015-07-22
Girls only please, boys may view messaging forums or look at the results. Anyways, I was just cur...
Mature Female Domination 2015-07-22
I am dominated by my best friends Mum,(54),my friends does not know. I am wondering if there are ...
Your "special someone" (Boys Only) 2015-07-22
I was curious about what boys want in a relationship... so I made this poll. Girls are allowed to...
donut behavior 2015-07-22
Men are from mars and women are from venus?
This is the 5th in an ongoing series of polls regarding nudity in the home, among family members ...
Girls who have pantsed guys all the way or seen it happen 2015-07-10
This poll is only for girls/women who have pantsed or seen guys get pantsed where everything was ...
Shoes and socks off 2015-07-10
This Poll is to gather data on different encounters with removing shoes and socks
Brothers 2015-07-10
Polls for brothers. Email me with any questions or stories about me and my bros.