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Girls, if you had the chance of choosing one of the following abs to touch 2015-09-14
which one would you choose?
Ladies, rate the pleasantness of touching a man´s abs 2015-09-14
Ladies, rate the pleasantness of touching a man´s abs
Are any other students still disciplined by their family? 2015-09-14
When I was child and teenager I got spanked occasionally for not following major rules. I always ...
How You Cry 2015-09-14
Poll about people crying
Parental Rules on Teen Dating 2015-08-28
You can take this if you are a teen or a parent of a teen. What are your households rules on teen...
About Your Private Photos 2015-08-21
I'm just curious about your attitude about your private photos on internet. Recently a relative ...
Transgenders' love relationship. 2015-08-18
The following are some controversial questions about some potential conflict with those that are ...
Sandals, makeup, short shorts, etc.-an obligation for girls or not. 2015-08-18
These questions are to see the world's perspective on whether girls have the obligation to wear t...
Calling Boyfriend "Sir" 2015-08-17
Calling Boyfriend "Sir"
Which kind of greeting gesture do you (dis)like displaying to others? 2015-08-17
By that, I mean someone who is not your boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance, husband, or wife as well a...
Interracial Romantic Relations 2015-08-13
Which races are considered the most attractive?
Moms Who Tickle Their Teen Boys in Public 2015-08-13
Moms Who Tickle Their Teen Boys in Public
Adult Male Being Spanked by a Woman 2015-08-13
whether its a fantasy or has happened, this is a poll for both men and women to share information...
Guys wearing panties 2015-08-13
Guys wearing panties
Should you get fat? 2015-08-13
GIRLS ONLY (btw this isn't the original. The original is at http://www.gotoquiz.com/should_you_g...
shoes and socks removed by friends mom 2015-08-13
my name is micah and i have an experience to share, one time i was visiting a friend and their ru...
quick survey abut penis size 2015-08-13
I'm curious about other women's experience with size and also curious how my boyfriend measures up.
Men: Dominate me 2015-08-13
I'm a bit submissive and having fantasies about being dominated, disciplined, punished, and put i...
Date activities when you are dressed up for dinner. 2015-08-11
This poll is intended for those who enjoy fine dining at least some of the time, to get a feel fo...
Getting to know you 2015-08-11
To each other in the class
I'm finding that a lot of people admit to being interested in attending nude beaches but never do...
Secret punishment of girlfriend 2015-08-11
Sometimes my girlfriend is unfriendly to me. Then I punish her secretly when she is not at home. ...
Please help decide punishment 2015-07-22 (closed)
Recently i amm lazy and need get punishment. Please help decide punishment for me (I am male). P...
Cum (GUYS ONLY) 2015-07-22
Have you Ever Cheated on your Husband or Boyfriend? 2015-07-22
Please answer only if you are a female and you are 100% confidential and genuine about your answe...