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Babysitting 2015-11-20
Chastity belt 2015-11-19
Hi all. I'm a 22 year old french woman. And My girlfriend ( very jalous ) want me in chastity bel...
Lost a bet and have to kiss Indian girl's feet 2015-11-19
Okay, so I made a bet with my friend, and now I have to kiss her feet. A lot. She s a cute Indian...
Would you rather have someone tickle your feet or blow raspberries on your belly 2015-11-19
You cannot choose "neither" because the scenario is that you cannot escape or get out o...
How to raise my daughters properly 2015-11-19
hello. My name is Jessica. I've got two Daughters (23 and 16). Both still live at home. My olde...
Lesbians better? 2015-11-19
Lesbians better?
Women's sports teams 2015-11-18
Women's sports teams
Female Desperation (Besuch bei Eltern) 2015-11-18
Female Desperation (Besuch bei Eltern)
Women looking at men 2015-11-18
Women looking at men
What would you do to me/with me? 2015-11-18
As you know if you did my other Pools, im in a wheelchair and cant stand or walk. Im verry little...
Sign for a wedding... cute or stupid? 2015-11-17
My fiance wants to have her 13 year old nephew walk down the aisle at our wedding carrying a sign...
Night Terrors in Children 2015-11-16
All parents have comforted their child after the occasional nightmare. But if your child has ever...
Is this cheating ? 2015-11-16
So one day i came home early and i wanted to tell my mum if we can go shopping. When i opened the...
Mom tickles teenage daughter 2015-11-16
Mom tickles daughter
quick poll on restraints 2015-11-16
Poll to find out the extent to which people are restrained (physically) in their everyday life. T...
Mothers, would you tell your children you've had a fight. 2015-11-16
Mothers, would you tell your children you've had a fight.
Girls, if you had the chance of choosing one of the following abs to touch 2015-09-14
which one would you choose?
Ladies, rate the pleasantness of touching a man´s abs 2015-09-14
Ladies, rate the pleasantness of touching a man´s abs
Are any other students still disciplined by their family? 2015-09-14
When I was child and teenager I got spanked occasionally for not following major rules. I always ...
How You Cry 2015-09-14
Poll about people crying
Parental Rules on Teen Dating 2015-08-28
You can take this if you are a teen or a parent of a teen. What are your households rules on teen...
About Your Private Photos 2015-08-21
I'm just curious about your attitude about your private photos on internet. Recently a relative ...
Transgenders' love relationship. 2015-08-18
The following are some controversial questions about some potential conflict with those that are ...
Sandals, makeup, short shorts, etc.-an obligation for girls or not. 2015-08-18
These questions are to see the world's perspective on whether girls have the obligation to wear t...
Calling Boyfriend "Sir" 2015-08-17
Calling Boyfriend "Sir"