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People / Relationships


Family, Friends, and Body Comfortablity 2016-08-01
Exploring how comfortable you, your family, and your friends are with each other's bodies under e...
Seen naked... 2016-07-31
What would you do if seen naked? FOR SCIENCE!
Tickling Siblings 2016-07-22
Do you like to tickle your siblings?
Incontinence 2016-07-22
Do you suffer from incontinence?
Survey - Trying To Get The Excellent Legal Counsel 2016-06-29
The function of William Strachan Family Law as a Certified Family Law Specialist is to distinguis...
What did you do on your summer vacation. (for girls) 2016-06-21
You are around thirteen and you live in the suburbs near LA. Everyone thinks you are pretty and y...
Parents with girls 10 and older in diapers 24/7 2016-06-13
This poll is for parents who decided not to potty train there daughter
Seeing my cousin naked 2016-06-09
My cousin slept at my house and we tryed to get to sleep but it was to hot so he said we are both...
Humiliating Restaurant Catfight 2016-06-05
My boyfriend is celebrating his birthday tonight. My boyfriend, a group of his friends and I arri...
Seeing a a male lose a fight in front of you. Women only 2016-06-05
I have seen several polls along these lines but I wanted to throw in a few variable. Let's say th...
For girls and women - about dating 2016-05-31
For girls and women - about dating
Gay and Lesbian Identity and Social Media 2016-05-29
Examining Identity Development among Gay and Lesbian Identifying 18-30 years old.
girl lift boy 2016-05-28
girls lifting boy
tickles! <3 2016-05-27
ahh..for all you people out there with tickle fetishes, here you will express likes and dislikes,...
Who would you rather choose as your soulmate? 2016-05-27
If you were single, which person would you choose to spend the rest of your life with?
For guys - about women 2016-05-23
For guys - about women
Male preferably age 10-20. Sleeping-sleepover 2016-05-20
for preferably teens, or anywhere between 7 and 22 i guess, but there is no restriction. when you...
Punishment of naughty neighbour 2016-05-20
One of my neighbours have a 11 years old boy who destroyed my fence and told me "what the f*...
one shoe 2016-05-16
if your boyfriend/husband asked you to go out wearing one shoe would you??
20 questions p2 2016-05-14
part 2 of 20 questions. If you missed the last one you can do it right here: http://www.misterpol...
Mother who have lost a fight with another woman in front of children 2016-05-14
One of the other pollsters conducted a poll of women who lost fights with another mother in front...
Friendly affection 2016-05-09 (closed)
How much do you enjoy these forms of affection with an opposite sex close friend you trust as pla...
Mothers who tickle their teenage son a lot! 2016-05-08
Mothers who tickle their teenage son a lot!
Do you find guys farting on guys erotic? 2016-05-07
I personally find it hot when a muscular guy with some fat fart tortures a younger skinny guy. Do...
For tall girls/women: Do you think you are stronger than short people ? 2016-04-23
Do you think you are stronger than short people or feel like you could overpower them ?