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People / Relationships


Girls, how much would you do? 2012-08-28
A boy has lost a bet to you, and is going to be a French maid for you. How much would you make hi...
what do you think he's really saying 2012-08-28
when your husband/boyfriend says "well i guess if you want to you can i mean i'm not gonna s...
Be the Bride 2012-08-23
My girlfriend was fed up waiting for me to propose - so she proposed to me. Now she says that sin...
What do Guys look for in Potential Girlfriends? 2012-08-23
Hmm? :)
Dating but not Kissing 2012-08-20
My boyfriend and I have been dating for nearly a year, but we've never kissed. So yeah. Trying to...
Women that can watch out for themselves 2012-08-13
Most of the polls about strong women on here seem to be by guys that answer themsrlves. I an curi...
If the government adopts a new law of chastity belt? 2012-08-13 (closed)
chastity belt will be installed with a new electronic lock can not be hacked. If the new law was ...
How do you pee? (males only) 2012-08-13
I was wondering how many males pee in the more feminine way.
Personal Space 2012-08-10
Please answer these questions about how important the personal space of you and others is.
Polling 2012-08-10
How do you poll in your everyday life?
General Poll 2 2012-08-10
My last general poll felt incomplete, and I screwed up some questions, I want to revise it by cre...
What Was Your First Impression Of Me? 2012-08-10
I Was Bored ^_^
Teenage Spankings 2012-08-10
A poll about teenagers who let their parents spank him. For more info see the video at http://www...
4'9'' gymnast vs. 6'2'' skinny guy 2012-08-09
I am a 22 year old male, 6 '2'' tall and weigh 115 lbs (52 kg). I've always been very lanky and s...
Would you date these girls? (guys only) 2012-08-09
A physical definition of different types of girls...
Your Childhood Survey 2012-08-09
I want to see how many people had a good, bad ,ok childhood.
Ladies: in a battle with the "other woman"? 2012-08-09
This poll is for women who are in, or have ever been in a battle with another woman over a man.
Questions for Girls 13-17 2012-08-09
Questions for Girls 13-17
what do guys like better? 2012-08-08
what do guys like better?
Would you date me? 2012-08-08
I'm a light skin girl with hazel eyes, Brown hair, tall, but I'm a little chubby.
Men's preference in Women-MEN ONLY 2012-08-08
Choose answers which you prefer most in a woman.
how tall do you prefer girls and physicalety,hair,eyes,etc 2012-08-08
a may seem weird but i have to keep all the opsions open were all different
Do you think I have to go to bed too early on school nights? 2012-08-01
School is starting soon, which means I will have to go to bed at 7:30... I'm 17, do you think tha...
Would you break up? 2012-07-30
I've been with my boyfriend for about 7 months. He left his phone at home one day, so I went thr...
5 senses of man in order 2012-07-27
Which one do you think is most indispensable? Think about which one would be the most painful for...