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People / Relationships


which body is more attractive? (MEN ONLY) 2012-10-10
which body is more attractive? (MEN ONLY)
When kids stop calling their parents Mommy and Daddy 2012-10-04
I am curious about what ages most kids stop calling their parents Mommy and Daddy and start calli...
IBB 53 Huisfeest Thema 2012-10-04
Voor die beshlissing van die huishfeesht!
Appearance/Inner Being 2012-10-01
Appearance/Inner Being
I want to be intimate with my boyfriend and I am 14 am I to young? 2012-10-01
Me and my boyfriend have been dating for a year and I am ready for sex, so is he. I am 14 so is h...
vacation 2012-10-01
I want to ask how much money people would spend on a travel agent.
name for baby girl 2012-09-26 (closed)
best name for my baby girl
Tattoos for couples to show your love 2012-09-26
Tattoos are a great thing for a couple to show everybody your love. What dou you think about ...
Cute/Sexy Guy Names ? 2012-09-26
Pick what name is sexier/cuter.....
Best Name? 2012-09-26
Of the names below, which one do you prefer?
Asuransi 2012-09-25
Female Attractiveness (Heterosexual Men Only Please!) 2012-09-18
I'm collecting data for a Gender and Sexuality class about the standard of beauty in the eyes of ...
What your opinion on this situation? 2012-09-17
I have a boyfriend and we are in love. But his Best Friend is in love with me and i like him too....
What stresses teenagers out the most? 2012-09-17
What stresses teenager's age's 12-17 out the most?
Reading Age 2012-09-17
I am interested in learning what the average person's memory span is and when they learned to read.
Relationship with your parents? 2012-09-17
What is the relationship you have with your mom or dad?
Relationships with people who are different 2 2012-09-17
Same poll as for guys--but this time girls only
Relationships with people who are different. 2012-09-17
A poll to find out whether you would date someone with a physical difference. (Guys only) The sa...
tickling punishment in children and teen? 2012-09-14
this poll is about tickle punishment between parents and children.
What nickname should I give my boyfriend? 2012-09-11
My boyfriend is kind of shy. We're both 15. He's kind of shy but really sweet. He has never had a...
Judgement 2012-09-07
Punishments 2012-09-05
This is a poll to ask parents and possible future parents what kind of punishments they use, used...
Kids, do you have to say Yes Sir, Yes Ma'am or Yes Miss to adults? 2012-09-05
Kids, do you have to say Yes Sir, Yes Ma'am or Yes Miss to adults?
Facebook Pics and Exes 2012-09-04
When you break up with someone or get a divorce, do you delete the pictures on your facebook that...
Crush Fetish 2012-09-04
how do u crush a bug or object