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People / Relationships


grand kids getting a bath or shower fully clothed 2017-01-25
To find out how grand parents would react if their grand kids got a bath or shower fully clothed ...
Time Out For Older Children 2017-01-24
This poll is to find out the prevalence and effectiveness of Time out techniques for older childr...
BABYSITTER! (for girls only) 2017-01-11
For girls who babysat boys and used them as footslaves, humiliated them, tied them up and maybe t...
Babysitters who babysit a boy or girl who's older than yourself? 2017-01-10
This poll is for Babysitters who babysit kids (boy or girl) who are older than themselves.
Buzzcut Boy 2017-01-04
Would you make me get a short haircut?
boys who misbehave in restaurants 2017-01-04
this is a poll for boys or for fathers with sons who misbehave in restaurants by taking off shoes...
Who should lead in a relationship/marriage? 2017-01-04
This poll is about whether men/boys or women/girls are better suited to lead in a relationship or...
Dating in Middle School 2016-12-26
One of my friends isn't allowed to hang out with me because her mom thinks I'm a 'bad influence',...
Sibling fart 2016-12-26
I like to fart on little brother when I was young. It was fun for me to release stinky fart espec...
Wearing one shoe 2016-12-26
I have a problem here. My daughter just turned 16 a few weeks ago and getting very rebellious. Le...
Lost a bet and have to go barefoot. GIRLS ONLY! 2016-12-26
Lost a bet and now you have to go a day without shoes. GIRLS ONLY PLEASE!
Girls - why your boyfriend needs to be taller ? 2016-12-26
Most girls want their boyfriend to be tall, or at least taller than themselves. But why is that ?...
Female Led Relationship(FLR) 2016-12-26
This poll is about couples who are in a FLR type of relationship or contemplating the same. Coup...
Mother Belly Play, Kiss, Tickle, Etc. 2016-12-26
This poll is for mothers who have had their belly played with or tickled by their children.
The perfect boob size 2016-12-08
The perfect boob size according to boys
Babysitting!! 2016-11-29
boys who misbehave in church 2016-11-24
This is a poll for boys or for fathers with sons who misbehave in church by doing things like tak...
Mothers spanking sons 2016-11-23
This poll is ONLY for moms (not dads!) who spank their sons (not daughters!)
Would you date me? 2016-11-23
Details about myself.
Birth Place 2016-11-23
Where did you give birth at?
dominating black girls 2016-11-23
dominating black girls
Girls, have you ever been far from your clothes wearing only your bikini? 2016-11-17
Girls, have you ever been far from your clothes wearing only your bikini?
Punishment of Girls for Underage Drinking 2016-11-17
Please vote on the following proposed law. It concerns addressing girls under 21 drinking underag...
Taller and stronger than my older brother 2016-11-17
All started 6 months ago. I'm a girl and i'm 11,5 y/o. I have a brother who is 16 y/o. I'm taller...
Who gets to go? 2016-11-08
Assume you are a pregnant woman, going for your first ultrasound. You are told that you can only ...