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General Personal Details 2013-01-07
General Personal Details
Qs I want to ask girls 2013-01-07
It's really quite self explanatory.
Which one? 1 2013-01-03
Which one do you like most?
are you racist? 2013-01-03
this pole should be able to tell you if you are racist and if so, how racist you are.
poll about women's butts (men only) 2013-01-03
poll about women's butts (men only)
How should boyfriends spank their girlfriends? 2013-01-03
Just wondering, my boyfriend spanks me, just wanted to know lol.
How do you do it? 2013-01-03
A poll for men/women to describe their ways of masturbation in a way of learning for others
sleeping nude survey for women 2013-01-03
are you more likly to sleep nude or with someone
Can you hold your pee? 2013-01-03
Pee contest to see how long you can hold your pee.
Rating Your First Time Having Sex 2013-01-03
Just a quick poll to find out how the first time you had sex was.
Chase Rylen O'Reilly? 2013-01-02
me and my wife can't decide on our future baby boys middle name. this is only one we like. does...
What height is too tall for a man? 2013-01-02
What height is too tall for a man?
sleep survy for heterosexual women 2013-01-02
This is a poll to find out how women's relationship status affects whether they sleep nude or not
How would you tickle me??(Guys Only!!!!) 2013-01-02
I am a 18 year old girl that is super super ticklish.And i want to know how you guys want tickle ...
Favorite Stomach Type 2013-01-02
Favorite Stomach Type
Big Bad Bellyache 2013-01-02
Big Bad Bellyache
Spanking from parents 2013-01-02
Hi, I'm 14 and my parents still spank me if i misbehave, i hate it and i feel to be the only one ...
Online Comfort (Children and Adolescence mainly) 2013-01-02
Hey! I am a 15 year old girl and I decided to do a poll that gives people the chance to share the...
Family you miss 2013-01-02
I don't see my family very often and when i do i don't see them all. When we have get togethers i...
What is your view on gay people? 2012-12-27
Opinions please.
If your child was gay... 2012-12-27
I want to know people's opinions.
If you found a guys clothes at the beach, in the ladies room... take them? 2012-12-18
I've always wanted to be stranded at the beach, barely hidden because some girls found all of my ...
Silent Sneezes Annoying??? :-/ 2012-12-18 (closed)
Is sneeze while pinch both nose hole consider as annoying although there's no noise/sound or germ...
Dream Girlfriend 2012-12-13
Make you dream girl!
Would you? Guys only 2012-12-13
What sort of girl would guys like more? I always been intrested in what guys thought of shy girls...