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People / Relationships


Guys in bra & panties 2013-05-20
There are a lot of older polls about this subject but nothing very recent. So lets get some upda...
Tell me a story 2013-05-20
Tell me a story about you or someone you know that is romantic and intimate. With details. If you...
Most beautiful women 2013-05-20
You will be shown seven women. This is a study I am doing to see if people prefer more angular fe...
Shoes, socks or barefoot at home? 2013-05-20
What sort of rules do you have regarding footwear in your home? Do you seriously enforce these r...
Tiger Underwear 2013-05-20
good underwear does anyone have them to
Fooling Around 2013-05-20
Fooling Around
Men's Physical Characteristics 2013-05-15
A quick look at what physical traits women look for in a guy
Brown skinned black people 2013-05-13
This poll is for brown skinned blacks and for what they think is attractive. This is a poll for p...
light skinned people 2013-05-13
This poll is for light skinned blacks and for what they think is attractive. This is a poll for p...
Would u crossdress me? 2013-05-13
If you wanna crossdress a 14 year old kid, text 440-575-5528 or email austinmots@hotmail.com. Ans...
For guys: what kind of girl? 2013-05-13
Please and thank you! :)
Favorite Music 2013-05-09
Favorite Music
The Perfect Woman (in your opinion) 2013-05-09
Let's say you met a magic genie who would allow you to dictate all the details of the woman you'l...
Dreams 2013-05-09
This poll is a personal, psychological study about dreams. Please answer honestly! Thanks.
Mate Preferences 2013-04-29
This is a poll for a Gender Studies class about sex differences in mate preferences.
Stereotypes About Women's Problems 2013-04-29
This is a poll to collect data for a Gender Studies class, regarding stereotypes of women and how...
Schoolgirl domatrix 2013-04-22
Is it wrong for a girl still at school to wish to dominate others - especially boys?
Young Adult Spanking 2013-04-22
This poll is for young men who are still spanked or would like to be!
Adoption 2013-04-22
Spanking in Retrospect 2013-04-22
One day when I was 12, I did something pretty bad and was not punished for it. Without getting i...
Was It Wrong 2013-04-19
I Broke up with this girl , We still kept in touch . She tells me that a guy was messaging her di...
Romantic Rivals - women only 2013-04-16
Every one of us (women) will have to battle another woman over a man. some uf us have only done i...
Statistics Survey 2013-04-15
Statistics Survey
Sex with a guy that has a six packs abs 2013-04-15
Sex with a guy that has a six packs abs
Circumcision in the America 2013-04-15
Circumcision in the America