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People / Relationships


Punish me 2013-07-02
I have done some very naughty things at home and my family want to punish me. You can help decide...
What is the best nickname for Johannah? 2013-06-27
What is the best nickname for Johannah?
family 2013-06-24
GIRLS ONLY!! Cramps or Punch? 2013-06-20
I've heard three different girls all claim to get horrible menstrual cramps in their lower bellie...
Should older men wear speedos? 2013-06-20
Ok, here is your chance to spew your opinion on older guys in a speedo. We aren't talking about 1...
What should we name our baby, if it's a Girl? 2013-06-20 (closed)
We are stuck on girl names! We would like to have both boys and girl names picked out before we f...
On A Cruise: Acceptable Adult Relationship (1-5 years) Behavior 2013-06-20
This poll has a variety of questions on being on a cruise with a significant other - how to act, ...
Is your belly ever noisy? 2013-06-10
OK, so I have a sensitive belly that gets noisy all the time. It grumbles and growls when it's h...
New to Puberty Males Only Under 13 2013-06-10
I want to meet other people who are under 13 and want to trade pics
What would you do if the guy you're dating pees the bed? 2013-06-10
This is for girls only! So if you have a guy you is really sweet but still pees the bed, alot. Wo...
Women: when guys check out your boobs. 2013-06-10
This is a poll for women with huge breasts. I'm wondering do you like when men stare? or not. As ...
Whats the average penis and mine (guys only please) 2013-06-03
Whats the average penis and mine (guys only please)
New Story 2013-06-03
Which story should I write?
How to get revenge on my stepbrother for pulling down my bikini bottoms at the w 2013-06-03
I want to get even with my stepbrother josh, he's 15, and im 13 (girl). He pulled down my bikini ...
hubsand keeps wetting the bed 2013-06-03
My husband is wetting the bed and need ideas of what i should do to him.
boys and guys who take off or lose clothes 2013-06-03
this is a poll for boy boys only (or fathers with sons) who take off and/or lose clothes in publi...
boys and guys who lose shoes 2013-06-03
this is a poll for guys only who lose shoes in public places
Glitzy loving girls from toddlers and tiaras beat us guys up 2013-06-03
Girls from beauty pageants pinning us down!
Bedwetting Kids 2013-05-31
This poll if for anyone 18 years old and younger who currently are bedwetters or are a sibling of...
parents/babysitters using tickle punishment 2013-05-31
just wanna see if anyone deals with the same punishment i do
should I let my daughter visit her sister in jail? 2013-05-28
her older sister who is 19, is in jail for a year for a hit and run DUI. I wonder If I should tak...
can a toddlers and tiaras a lot of little big girls beat us up or pin us? 2013-05-28
Toddlers and Tiaras girls beating up us boys
Guys in bra & panties 2013-05-20
There are a lot of older polls about this subject but nothing very recent. So lets get some upda...
Tell me a story 2013-05-20
Tell me a story about you or someone you know that is romantic and intimate. With details. If you...
Most beautiful women 2013-05-20
You will be shown seven women. This is a study I am doing to see if people prefer more angular fe...