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People / Relationships


For black men only 2001-01-15
How do you feel about yourselves and your race?
What guys like in Girls! 2001-01-14
This poll is to find out what guys like the most in girls!
Interracial/Cultural Relationships 2001-01-13
Have you crossed over and dated or are you married to someone of another race or culture. Are you...
~~!!4 guys 2 answer only!!~~ 2000-12-15
kk my poll is 4 guys only 2 answer puhlease all gurls NEED 2 know the answer??
All About You!! 2000-12-13
juat another useless poll!! But please be honest! :)
Do blondes have more fun? 2000-12-01
I am doing a study to find out if it is true- Do Blondes Have more Fun?
For Men: How Faithful Are You? 2000-11-03
This poll seeks to discover just how faithful you men are. The survey is anonymous, so please be...
**BLACK MEN ONLY** Black vs. White Women (NEW QUESTIONS!!!) 2000-11-02
Finding out if the myth is true.
Are You High-Maintenance? 2000-10-20
Do you insist on the best products, are you very particular? Is it important that you spend a lo...
when another guy looks at you (straight guys only) 2000-10-19
Girls 2000-07-11
Guys love them...but why? And what about them?
Bear, or Twink? Muscles or Thin? 2000-06-27
What kind of guy turns you on?
Toxic Males 2000-04-22
I think we all know someone who can be classified as a male that is toxic to know or be involved ...
'This Ain't No Thinkin' Thing!' 2000-01-10
The poll title is also a song by Trace Adkins. His theme is how we shouldn't look too logically a...
Relationships 1999-10-09
Throughout our lives we experience many realationships with the opposite sex, not knowing how lon...
Hey, these polls are all about boyfriends so if you have one or thinking of getting one, take the...
Sex and Marriage Poll 1999-01-05
This poll is to find out about how people feel about decisions they've made about sex and marriage.
A Question of Etiquette 1998-12-08
This poll may have questions that are offensive to the faint of heart. Enter at your own risk!