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People / Relationships


Men's Fantasy Women 2001-06-05
Guys what type(s) of women are your biggest fantasies?
White women and interracial relationships 2001-05-26
Hello, my name is PHIL. As a result of a hugh number of responses of a previous poll called FOR B...
Compare male and female feet 2001-05-20
Compare feet
interacial relationship 2001-05-15
Whats you thought on interacial relationships?
Why are guys so Fine?? 2001-05-06
This lets you know why the guys all around you are realllly Fine!!!!
Relationship 2001-04-30
Out of all of these when should a girl dumb her boyfriend?
guys in t-shirts 2001-04-23
do you find guys wearing just a t-shirt sexy ?
Beauty in our culture 2001-04-13
Some think beauty is over rated.
I'm boooored...humor me and take this 2001-04-10
....just lookin for opinions!
fav thing to do with boyfriend/girlfriend 2001-04-08
be truthful
Is this cheating? 2001-04-03
I would like to know if you would consider the following activities "cheating" if your ...
Relationships 2001-03-27
This a poll about all kinds of relationships and what is acceptable and when. thank you for your ...
What is the oldest girlfriend/boyfriend you have had/have? 2001-03-13
Interacial Relationships 2001-03-03
What's all the fuss about different races dating?
What guys and girls really like about each other ... 2001-02-28
This is just to compare your ideas with other people.
What's your opinnion on interracial couples? 2001-02-27
I am an interracial dating white female and i want to know what you think of interracial couples....
What is your ideal mate? 2001-02-24
What is your ideal mate like? Find out by taking this poll
CHEATING? Is it wrong? 2001-02-22
This is a poll about cheating on your boyfriend/girlfriend. I would like to know if you think th...
Annoying Spouses 2001-02-18
Poll for men. Just trying to figure out relationships.
Do Women Marry For Money? 2001-02-08
I feel more women marry for money then men do. What is your opinion?
Marriage and Family Survey 2001-02-08
All responses to this survey will be kept confidential and individual names will not be used in...
For black men only 2001-01-15
How do you feel about yourselves and your race?
What guys like in Girls! 2001-01-14
This poll is to find out what guys like the most in girls!
Interracial/Cultural Relationships 2001-01-13
Have you crossed over and dated or are you married to someone of another race or culture. Are you...
~~!!4 guys 2 answer only!!~~ 2000-12-15
kk my poll is 4 guys only 2 answer puhlease all gurls NEED 2 know the answer??