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People / Relationships


GUYS: How Do You Let A Girl Know You Fancy Her??? 2002-04-29
I know a lot of gals (including myself) have been pondering this question for years...
What To Say 2002-04-29
It is just asking what to say to a someone to tell them that you like them.
what r u looking for in a man? 2002-04-28
Who is the Perfect Guy? Is there such a thing? Well this is going to help find out what women thi...
A man with underarm odor. 2002-04-27
You have met the man of your dreams. He's what you were looking for in every way, except possibl...
Do you think Interracial Dating is wrong, or do you think its not a problem
TURN ON'S 2002-04-22
In the debate of sexuality, what and who is turned on by.
Nudity 2002-04-22
What do you think?
what turns you on?!? 2002-04-22
c'mon it's just for fun!....so be like nike and just do it!
Why are African American Women so angry? 2002-04-22
I have answered many polls on interracial dating, I have also watched many talk shows on interrac...
Relationships and Age Difference 2002-04-18
Many people wonder 'how old is too old' or 'how young is too young'. This poll is designed to he...
Interracial Relationships 2002-04-17
Do you think interracial relationships are right or wrong?
Monicagate 2? 2002-04-15
Lately a rumor has been going around that George Bush has recently had an affair.
GUYS ONLY...which do you like? 2002-04-15
My friends and I have a competition going. Just answer which you like best.
Panties with pantyhose 2002-04-12
Girls, do you, or don't you wear underware with pantyhose
Can Ex's Be Friends? 2002-04-12
This has been a debate with friends for some time regarding the differnces in men & women. C...
How do you like to be kissed? 2002-04-09
C'mon - everyone is dying to find out! Help out the opposiste sex AND find out for yourself!
Is it okay for men to wear nightshirts?? 2002-04-09
I personally think that nightshirts are the most comfortable type of sleepwear, but I notice that...
What do you look for? 2002-04-08
This is a simple poll where I am trying to find out what factors one looks for in a Boy/Girlfrien...
men only: what would make you want to marry 2002-04-08
Just curious as to what makes a guy take the plunge, and what he's been waiting for. Any postings...
Gender identity - Fact or Fiction? 2002-04-06
While it may be simple to define gender by sexual anatomy (with one, rather obvious, exception), ...
interracial dating 2002-04-06
what do you think about interracial dating?
Interracial poll for white Males 2002-04-04
A poll for white males and their opinions on interracial relationships.
Teen/Parents Relationsip. 2002-04-03
This is a poll mainly for teenagers, but can be taken for anyone... Just wondering how close peop...
Love At First Sight? 2002-04-02
Do you believe in love at first sight / type?
Makeup Poll! 2002-04-02
If you had to get rid of all your makeup but one favorite item, what would it be?