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People / Relationships


Are Singaporeans Becoming too soft? 2002-05-31
Are the singaporeans in singapore getting too soft or are they just using technology to their adv...
Indulge Me 2002-05-31
with no particular place to go...
Cheating Survey 2002-05-17
My name's Aileen and I am conducting a poll on the percentage of average people who cheat. This i...
Unfaithfull 2002-05-16
be honest
blondes 2002-05-13
onl girls take poll please cheerleaders, blondes spanking bimbos jealousy fight preps
The perfect girl 2002-05-12
Just a bunch of questions about what kind of girl you like.
Your views on Siblings 2002-05-12
If you have any brothers or sisters you know they can make you go INSANE!! Let everyone know how ...
Physical Attraction 2002-05-11
ok lets see what guys and girls likes (check as many boxes that fits your prefrences)
Mother's Day Gift 2002-05-10
Mom's are easy to shop for... or are they?
Friends with an Ex 2002-05-10
The question invloves men and woman being friends with ex's. Assuming no kids are invloved, is i...
Poll for guys 2002-05-10
This is kind of a spin off from the poll Long Nails and Scratching.
Are you a good kisser? (And learn how to be one!) 2002-05-08
Does your girlfriend think youre hot at kissing or are you a slobbering loser. Does your boyfrien...
Poll for girls 2002-05-07
This poll is primarily for girls who have long nails or had long nails at some point.
Tattoos on females, attractive or not? 2002-05-04
Are tatoos on females attractive or not? Men, its time for you to decide!
Best Friends 2002-05-04
Asking if you and your best friend are true best friends!
Should a man shave his armpits? 2002-05-04
Do you think that a man should shave his armpits?
Beards 2002-05-03
For those who date men. Would you date a man with beard?
kissing 2002-05-02
Different things make a kiss more powerful.
Gays/lesbians and an awkward question 2002-05-02
How do you handle it when someone asks you if you have a girlfiend/boyfriend
Sexy Sleepwear 2002-05-02
Let's talk about what we sleep in!
Attitudes 2002-05-01
Most people would like to see themselves as openminded and accepting. How open to ideas are you r...
Long nails 2002-05-01
Some guys like girls with long nails, and some do not.
Lipstick 2002-04-30
I was wondering if guys liked kissing a girl who wears a lot of wet, glossy-looking lipstick.
Long Nails and Scratching 2002-04-30
I wanted to see how many guys like to have their back scratched by girls with long nails.
boys 2002-04-29