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how would you tie me up (V.2, females only please) 2013-09-03
I am a 20 year old male, 6'1, 220 pounds, brown hair, green eyes, if you were to tie me up how wo...
Relationships 2013-08-26
Having a family feud program. Trying to get top answers for relationship related questions.
how would you tie me up? (girls only) 2013-08-26
I am a 20 year old male, 6 1 brown hair, green eyes, if you were to tie me up how would you do it?
Who are you reddit? 2013-08-21
Who are you reddit?
Kids against socks (Only for people under 18 or parents answering for kids) 2013-08-21
I saw a few polls that were by parents whose kids hated wearing socks, and how some of their frie...
Should I be allowed to stay up late when I have friends over? 2013-08-07
I'm 17, but my parents still enforce bedtime when my friends come over!
Girls, wanna tickle me? 2013-08-07
This poll is made for girls, but boys can take it if you want. I'm a 14 years old male with black...
Ladies! Do you prefer a guy to have shaved pubes, or natural? 2013-08-07
Ladies! Do you prefer a guy to have shaved pubes, or natural?
would date a person who watches porn? 2013-08-01
can be a male or female to answer
Marriage rings 2013-08-01
Which rings do you prefer. Traditional like engagement ring and wedding band or interlocking ring...
Fire work party? 2013-08-01
We as country club residents would like to have a firework party at the the country club apartmen...
Corner time question? 2013-08-01
Corner time question?
Were you ever spanked with an implement? 2013-08-01
Were you ever spanked with an implement?
Childhood memories 2013-08-01
Childhood memories
sleeping arrangements for married couples only 2013-08-01
most couple sleep nude together when they are first married. later as the romance calms down thin...
(Girls only) Is this normal 2013-07-17
(Girls only) Is this normal
What are you attracted to in guys? (girls) 2013-07-15
For girls,to see what straight girls are attracted to in a man
What does your wife get a spanking for ? 2013-07-15
I am a 28 yr old female who will be marring a wonderful man soon. We believe the man is the hea...
pink or purple 2013-07-15
pink or purple
Girls tied by boys- revenge 2013-07-15
Once a friend of mine was tied up and humiliated by some girls. He was held prisoner for the enti...
Girls, What Types of Humor and Jokes do You Prefer? 2013-07-08
I'm just trying to find out what types of humor applies to different types of girls with differen...
Truth or Dare (girls only) 2013-07-08
Ballbusting for girls 2013-07-02
Girls only please!
(Girls only) Are you stronger than most, if not all older guys? 2013-07-02
I have noticed a lot of girls that are very strong, stronger than most guys.
Should I be spanked? (female 44) 2013-07-02
I have messed up at work and cost the company a lot of money. My boss doesn't know yet but I know...