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People / Relationships


Step Familys 2002-06-06
This poll is for anyone who has a step-family. Mothers, Fathers, brothers, and sisters. I just wa...
equality for exposure 2002-06-03
There is so much nudity for men on TV/movies/cable, everywhere, shouldn't there be more nudity fo...
Feelings 2002-06-03
Poll of feelings :)
Uncomfortable Situations (swiming and road trip) 2002-06-03
If you were in these situations what would you do?? Please comment on Message Board responsibly
who pays on a date?(GUYS ONLY) 2002-06-03
imagine you're on a date with a woman...
Did your wife leave you for another man? 2002-06-03
Statistics seem to show that there is one in three chance that a man's wife will leave him for an...
How poopie are you? 2002-06-03
As your gettting off the phone with your Honey have you ever thought "MAN O MAN!! How big of...
What you want 2002-06-03
A poll about what you want
What do you think about Gays? 2002-06-03
Do you like gay people?
Does sex matter? 2002-06-03
Is sex necessary?
motherinlaws 2002-06-03
for the women out there.. how many of you could stand living with your mother in law full time .....
Choice test 2002-06-03
You may think this is totally strange... Hey I am a strange swort of person. Just give me a few m...
GAY OR NOT GAY 2002-05-31
If a man scheduels a hair appointment, does that make him gay?
Ex-partner = New Friend? 2002-05-31
Under what conditions can ex-partners remain friends?
Looks and Personality 2002-05-31
I am curious as to how much someone is more into looks over personality, or Vice Versa
Just Take It! Love 2002-05-31
Just questions about romance and stuff like that. Rated PG-13 for "inappropriate" topics.
(women) 15-40 please read..about men 2002-05-31
about sex life and such
True Love 2002-05-31
Is there really some one for some one out there
LGBT poll 2002-05-31
OK, so I'm getting tired of reading polls that are uninclusive of people who are gay, bi, queer, ...
for GUYS 2002-05-31
just a few Yes or No questions
What Do Women Want?!?!?! 2002-05-31
Ok, so i now ask the ladies out there what kind of guy you would like?
Love exists 2002-05-31
Poll of love
TALL MEN 2002-05-31
This poll is to find out what women think of tall men
What does love look like? 2002-05-31
I want to know what people look for in a guy/girl!
Gays and Lesbians 2002-05-31
Please take my poll!