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People / Relationships


biracial girls(black & white males only) 2002-08-06
What do you think about them?
Naturism 2002-08-05
To what degree should persons be allowed to use public recreation facilities and beaches nude?
Lusious Love or Dumpworthy Dud? 2002-08-05
Is your boyfriend overally obsessed with hisself and not paying any attention to you? Or do you a...
Russian Assimilation 2002-08-05
The following questions are meant to distinguish the extent to which a person has lost elements o...
Do you like being carried? 2002-08-05
Do you find it a turn on to be carried?
(Girls) how to tell if a girl likes you! 2002-08-05
this should give u a positive clue.. wether the girl u like... also likes u!
What would you wear for a dinner date? 2002-08-04
If you had complete freedom to choose any clothes, without fear of prejudice and without concern ...
Love (the ultimate) 2002-08-02
Are you in love or you think it is girl crap!
Is the oldest person in your family, the oldest of others? 2002-07-24
How old is the oldest person in your family? And please DON'T LYE! It mucks everything up, thanks...
GUYS: The deal with short girls 2002-07-22
This is poll for guys about what they think about short girls.
GUYS: What Type of Girl Makes You Melt? 2002-07-18
Divulge, divulge!
Puppy Luv 2002-07-18
This is a poll about how black/white teens feel about dating white/black teens.
Gay Born or Influenced? 2002-07-15
The media and other outside sources may tell you one thing, but are people born gay and are the o...
what's ur kind of guy 2002-07-15
whats ur kind of guy
Dream girl 2002-07-14
This is a time for you to draw up your ultimate dream girl.
making out 2002-07-13
Question about making out and where.
Relationships with people with disabilities 2002-07-12
This survey is designed to find out how people view relationships with people with disabilities.
Who are you??? 2002-07-10
Who are you? Why are you here? This poll should tell you if there's anyone else like you on Mist...
Liking about guys (For girls to vote and for boys to view) 2002-07-06
To find out what girls like in guys as in both appearance and personality..
What do you like to do in you spare time? 2002-07-05
Check off the box that you think you would do in your spare time.
Do your kids call you Sir 2002-07-05
Do your kids call you Sir when you discipline them
Family Relationships 2002-07-04
What is your relationship with your family like?
Online Friends 2002-07-03
Just wondering how often "internet friends" meet face-to-face.
Girls and Asian Guys (girls only) 2002-07-01
curious on what girls think...guys if you take this poll, man you've got to find something better...
For teens (13 - 17) toe sucking 2002-06-29
This poll is to find out how many teens are cool with this.