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People / Relationships


Gay/Bi/ Curious Young Adult Guys Trading Pics 2013-10-23
This is to see who have or have wanted to trade pics with other guys and what kind of pics you wo...
What methods of child discipline do you approve of? 2013-10-14
Just a personal interest study. I am interested to see what the most popular methods of child dis...
new car auctions 2013-10-14
CarShark negotiates with all local dealers on your behalf, saving you the hassle. Visit : <a h...
Car Shark Victoria 2013-10-14
Carshark offers easy to understand finance for your new car at a great rate. If you like, we can ...
Stop and search 2013-10-14
I decided to make a little research about what people actually think of police use of a crime pre...
Co-worker locks me in chastity 2013-10-14
I lost a bet with this gorgeous waitress Nancy at the Pizza restaurant I work at. We bet who woul...
Kicking Guys In The Nuts!!! 2013-10-08
I'm doing this poll, because I really am interested in different girl's motivations for kicking g...
Stronger Little Sister 2013-10-08
I am 29 years old and have a younger sister that is 17 years old and she dominates me. I am 5' 3&...
Dating App Survey 2013-10-08
The truth about Boob Size (Men's Perspective) 2013-10-04
Lets see whats going on.
How do you get a boy to like you. 2013-09-24
I have a crush on a boy, but I am too shy to ask him out.
What do you look for in guys? (gay/bi teen guys only) 2013-09-23
Seeing what gay teens prefer in another guy
Children and Teenagers behavior during spanking 2013-09-16
Just looking for some info on children and teenagers behavior during spanking. Please be honest....
How many people did you date in high school? 2013-09-16 (closed)
How many people did you date in high school?
How Would You Tickle Me? 2013-09-16
Hi, I'm an 18 year old boy who loves tickling, and was wondering how others would tickle torture ...
Do you punish the women in your family? 2013-09-16 (closed)
This is for those young daughters 21 and older. I have heard of some very unique families where t...
Different Types of Sneeze 2013-09-13 (closed)
This is a listing of different types of sneezes(inspired by a page I saw with the same concept, d...
Women and girls only:Which gender status do you consider the sexiest/least sexy? 2013-09-10
Women and girls only:Which gender status do you consider the sexiest/least sexy?
Do you like tying boys up? (females only) 2013-09-09
a poll for dominant girls who like to tie boys and do things to them!.
Telling your parents (boys only) 2013-09-09
There are some things I want to tell my parents but I don't know how. I am a teenager.
Which gender status is considered the best/worst by society? 2013-09-09
For Women Only: Which gender status is considered the "best" in our society: the most f...
How were you punished for lying? 2013-09-09
How you were punished by parents etc when lied or talked back?
If you make love with another girl, you'll never go back to guys. 2013-09-09
There is an old lesbian saying, "If you make love with another girl, you'll never go back to...
Oral sex -who would you rather do it with? 2013-09-09
Would you rather have oral sex with a man or a woman? If you had to pick, would you rather go do...
What is your tickling fantasy? 2013-09-03
I'd like to know how you want everything to be in your fantasy tickle.