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People / Relationships


Teens and the Body 2014-01-27
A survey about how teens view the body.
Ages for Parenting Milestones 2014-01-27
Poll attempting to see trends in when certain parenting milestones are reached with kids For som...
Women Like... 2014-01-20
Women Like...
I need a spanking 2014-01-17 (closed)
I am a 25 y/o almost 26 y/o man, and I am feeling bad about some of my recent behavior. I am ver...
Mom is wrong for giving me a 7:00 bedtime? 2014-01-16
I'm a 17 year old girl shouldn't I be allowed to stay up later?
How often do you cry? (females) 2014-01-16
This is just a poll to figure out how often females cry.
what type of girls do guys like?? (GUYS ONLY) 2014-01-10
I just want to know what kinda girls boys find attractive
Girls who aren't allowed to wear stockings 2014-01-06
If your mom doesn't allow you to wear stockings, take my poll. In my previous poll I was asking i...
Should I...? 2014-01-06
There's a friend of mine who really likes to go barefoot, and thinks that I don't. Yet, the oppos...
Child Abuse: What do you think? 2014-01-02
I know a few toddlers who were abuse by their parents. Now, I want to know what you think about c...
Crushes 2014-01-02
info about ur crushes
Sneeze 2013-12-26 (closed)
This is a sneeze poll where get to know more about how do you sneeze and what is your sneezing ty...
Ideal height for both sexes 2013-12-26
What do you think is the ideal height for girls/women and boys/men?
What women like their feet tickled 2013-12-26
Describe what ypou like about having your feet tickled
boys getting undressed or in underwear in front of dad 2013-12-26
i am curious how many boys will undress and/or be seen in their underwear in front of their dads ...
questions about spanking 2013-12-26
Some general and specific questions about spanking
Dealing with or actually being the "other woman" 2013-12-17 (closed)
Ladies: At some point in our lives we have either had to deal with "the other woman" or...
spanked by roommate 2013-12-17
I am an adult male who is sharing an apartment with another adult male. Six months ago I was fir...
Personality Survey about random experiences. 2013-12-17
Anybody may take this survey.
Single Dad seaking advice from women only. 2013-12-17
I am a single dad of a few teen daughters who have caught me in some embarrassing situations. The...
Girls Flexing Biceps 2013-12-17
Im an athletic 21yearold girl with muscle and Ive always loved the look of my biceps and abs in p...
Stomach Punching 2013-12-09
So, I have been punched in the stomach before, and it HURT. I like to think my stomach is pretty...
Foy guys: How are the ideal legs for your perfect girl 2013-12-06
Talking with friends, we got in the discussion of female legs, how do you define "perfect&qu...
Dream Girl 2013-12-06
Guys only, create your dream girl!
Women and farting 2013-12-06
Women and farting