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People / Relationships


Punishment For Cheating Ex Boyfriend 2015-02-09
My ex boyfriend cheated on me and for punishment i decided to turn him into a girl for a day as i...
Boy first underwear 2015-02-09
I am in the late stages of potty training with my son and was wondering what the best type of &qu...
A clean shave 2015-02-09
Many men believe that it is important to get a VERY close shave. The goal of this poll is to det...
Forced to go barefoot who, where, and why. 2015-02-09 (closed)
Just curious on other people's experiences being forced to go barefoot. I define forced as not by...
ForGirls:Was eating your vaginal discharge for 1st time a liberating experience? 2015-02-09
For Girls: Was eating your vaginal discharge for your 1st time a liberating experience for you?
Notification of Mothers critical Illness 2015-01-25
The question deals with proper method of notifying a family member about a life and death issue o...
Does more romance from your partner/spouse equal more sex? 2015-01-19
This poll is really for women but is not closed to men. It may seem like a silly question but it...
Would you allow a Spouse or Significant Other unrestricted access to your Phone? 2015-01-19
(Other than Financial info) are you comfortable with your partner searching through your texts, F...
Girls:does the nasty yucky aspect of eating vaginal discharge appeal to you? 2015-01-13
Girls does the nasty yucky aspect of eating vaginal discharge appeal toyou? Girls does the nas...
Do you spank you mother? 2015-01-13
There are many teens and some adults who wish they could spank their parents, maybe as payback fo...
Breastfed by female family member 2015-01-13
Straight Teen guys 2015-01-13
This is just a poll to answer some common questions and some personal ones. Get as detailed as yo...
If you could change one thing about your past what would it be? 2015-01-13
If you could change one thing about your past what would it be?
A new way to prank your brother 2015-01-06
you ever use this prank on a brother
Puberty (Guys Only) 2015-01-02
This poll is to find out about guys going through puberty
Mothers and circumcision 2015-01-02
My husband and I are having a baby. If we have a son, then I want him to be circumcised. My hus...
Spanking my daughter. 2015-01-02
Hi, my wife and I have three daughters 17, 14, and 11. Recently, the 17 year old has been acting...
would you go skinny dipping /to a nude beach with someone of the opposite sex? 2015-01-02
Lets assume someone of the opposite sex asked you to go to a nude beach or the go skinny dipping....
Girls Peeing - The Urge to Pee etc 2015-01-02
Thanks for looking at my poll - would love to see your replies - I'm curious! Please only resp...
What guys like in a girl 2015-01-02
Social experiment
Would you see me naked? 2015-01-02
I want to let me see naked trough many people as possilble. Would you help me?
Look at me 2015-01-02
I like to be watched when i'm naked. Here some questions about it. And a few questions how and wh...
Sister vs. Sister NEW 2015-01-02
This is a poll showing sisters, and you decide which one is more attractive. Then, feel free to s...
commando on a date 2015-01-02
This is a pole for women to see if anyone would ever go commando (no Panty) on a date
home nudism 2015-01-02
home nudism