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People / Relationships


Can a female give her thoughts for my character who gets NAKED revenge? 2015-03-02
Jason and Sarah were both college freshmen and best friends, despite their HUGE differences. Jaso...
Some people come from close families where its not uncommon to catch each other in various stages...
Public discipline of children 2015-03-02
Looking at how people feel about discipline in public - anyone who slants to send further info it...
Does cum smell like bleach? 2015-03-02
Do you think cum smells like this common house hold cleaner? We want your opinion!
Home Alone (boys) 2015-03-02
What do you do when you are home alone? for boys age 7-16
Male-male incest 2015-03-02
Male-male incest
Exceptions notwithstanding: IS A SHORT FAT GIRL STRONGER THAN A TALL SKINNY GUY? 2015-03-02
In other words, is a short fat girl PHYSICALLY MORE POWERFUL than a tall skinny guy?
Could a female nerd please tell me how you would react to this part of my novel? 2015-03-02
Alice was 20 years old & a lovable 5'1 straight A geek, the only virgin of her friends & ...
Father Son showers 2015-03-02 (closed)
Do you shower with your father/ son?
Males at Nudist Resort 2015-03-02 (closed)
This is for males who attend nudist resorts
Father Son Nudists (Fathers Only) 2015-03-02 (closed)
This poll is for fathers that raised their sons to be nudists.
Bigger younger sister 2015-03-02
Is your sister bigger than you? tell me about it!
Punishment request 2015-03-02 (closed)
Hi I need a good punishment for disrespecting other people.
Older brother wedgies 2015-03-02
Please only take this if you are a boy whose older or twin brother wedgies you. If you or your br...
Dads or Sons money ? 2015-02-20
Son gets in trouble. son borrows $3500 from dad and grandfather gives $7000 (not loans) money to ...
Smartphones???!!! 2015-02-20 (closed)
Well... Currently I using a normal phone without a touch-screen. A phone with a camera and MP3 an...
Should Feminists Dress Sexy? 2015-02-17
I'd like to be a women's rights lawyer. I'm all for equal pay and I think everybody is, but how ...
Wife wants sex with otehr people 2015-02-09
Been with my wife for nearly 20 years. Our sex life is not as busy as before but we still enjoy i...
Adults with braces and headgear 2015-02-09
I am curious about what people think about adults with braces and headgear. My wife and I are bot...
Diaper legislation (law) 2015-02-09
Toilets are often dirty and some are difficult to get into because of queues. Wearing a diaper is...
Girls-What were your thoughts when eating your vaginal discharge 1st &2nd times? 2015-02-09
Girls-What were your thoughts when eating your vaginal discharge 1st &2nd times?
Punishing my daughter (tickling) 2015-02-09
i am a father and i have a 19 years old daughter. she has a personality disorder and sometimes i ...
Missing Persons? 2015-02-09 (closed)
A loved one (parent/child/sibling) is missing for over 8 years, but has not died. Which would yo...
Would you share a changing cubicle with a complete stranger to save time? 2015-02-09
Last summer it was really busy at the swimming pool. Just when a cubicle finally became free, ano...
Tied Up? 2015-02-09
Have you ever been tied up by a friend? Have you ever had a childhood story of playing cops and r...