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People / Relationships


Should I or Shouldn't I 2015-06-21
34 yr old married female. Hubby wants me to fool around. Would like to have your opinion as to ...
(18+) Women considering life as a tickle slave 2015-06-21
Are there any women who would contemplate becoming tickle slaves to a master or mistress in excha...
Asking Parents for a Spanking 2015-06-21
This is a poll concerns asking one's parents for a spanking. The intention is for adults who are...
Annoying your brother pt.2 2015-06-21
we ALLLLLL do it :P haha
Do our clothing choices affect our behavior? 2015-06-21
Did you know that the clothes you wear might affect how confident you are, or how calm you are wh...
I LOVE JUDITH! 2015-06-21
Judith is 15 and she is my sister's BFF!I don't understand how she likes to hang out with my sist...
Could a female give reactions for my play when a woman sees an old friend NUDE? 2015-06-21
Martin and Daisy were close friends in high school. Although he's a geek, Daisy did always think ...
Where are you from? 2015-06-03
I am curious to know that where you people live
Real Attitudes about Interracial Dating and Marriage 2015-06-03
I want honest answers here in an effort to understand how American Culture is changing. I'm going...
too old for opposite locker room? 2015-06-01
In my pool you're allowed to bring in children of the wrong sex up to the age of 12. One guy allw...
Employment standards and what should you do if you hate your job? 2015-06-01
Vote on what you think is the best choice to make if you hate your job and answer questions on th...
Punishments in family 2015-06-01
I have read a poll about punishing parents by children ,so I am making this poll.
Mothers who oversee their sons' or daughters' marriages. 2015-06-01
This is a poll for mothers only, who have married sons or daughters that they take authority in s...
Your view on belly raspberries 2015-06-01
Your view on belly raspberries
How People Play Footsie 2015-06-01
Different ways people play footsie
quick and easy penis size poll for the ladies 2015-06-01
My boyfriend is the biggest I've ever been with I'm curious how he measures up with the biggest o...
Disciplined By Sister-In-Law 2015-05-21
This is a poll to see if you have been disciplined by a sister-in-law for not behaving or conform...
do you think slenders fake? 2015-05-19
say yes or no
Girls:Has another girl everwatched you lick your own panties out or hers before? 2015-05-11
Girls: Has another girl ever watched you lick your own panties out or hers before?
A Good First Date (Girls Only) 2015-05-11
I'm looking at one girl and I need to know what a good first date is, help! (Middle School range)
For guys who want to be girls 2015-05-07
For guys who want to be girls
Decide my suitcase punishment 2015-05-07
I am a beautiful and friendly 13yo girl. But I have been lazy... And will have to repeat a year a...
Will a female please act her most VENGEFUL to help with this part of my book? 2015-05-07
Brent was a nerdy 19 year old sophomore in college, cocky about his intelligence.. He was a littl...
teen girls wearing diapers for special occasions 2015-05-04
i want to know how many teen girls wear diapers for holidays and special occassions and how they...
How hairy are you? 2015-05-04
For ladies and guys.