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People / Relationships


Your blood type 2022-03-03
Find out what is your blood type!
What is your favorite color? 2022-01-04 (closed)
Find out what is your preferable color.
How often do you litter? 2021-11-12
I've read multiple stats that say about 1 in 3 people litter regularly and the vast majority of p...
Bodybuilder mom 2021-11-11
Poll about bodybuilder mom and scenarios
Mom and Son wrestling 2021-10-24
Poll about the subject
Dare game # 8: Who cooks dinner 2021-09-24
A quick 'dare game' poll to play with your spouse Challenge your spouse to a game: it could be...
A poll about polls 2021-09-24
A poll about filling out polls to try and work out why people fill out, what makes for better pol...
I Got Beat Up In Front of My Girlfriend, And Now I Feel Humiliated 2021-08-24
I was beat up by another guy in front of my girlfriend and her friends. Now I spend the day feeli...
We ask your race/ethnicity/heritage/cultural identity...Answer truthfully please! Also, we ask yo...
Bathing or showering together 2021-08-06
A quick poll about taking a bath or shower with your spouse. Check out the messages for links ...
Men with shaved legs. 2021-08-04
Should men shave their legs?
Boyfriend lost a bet! 2021-08-04
He thought i wasn't serious but now he will look like a woman until the end of this year!
How do you argue? (For Girls only) 2021-08-04
I wonder how the female readers of this survey argue, how often they argue, and how they feel abo...
Would you go to jail or prison for somebody 2021-08-04
Would you be willing to be locked up because of someone you love
Starving for Beauty? 2021-08-04
Every girl wants to be beautiful and for most that entails maintaining a slender figure, but opin...
step-mother/stepson spanking poll 2021-02-22
This is a poll for stepmothers who spank their stepsons and stepsons who are spanked by their ste...
A terrific civil way for women to face off and settle everything 2021-02-11
What if this was poossible: Two women who are at odds with each other decide to settle it this ...
Men, have you ever ripped or lost the seat of your trousers in front of a woman? 2021-02-02
One of the worst things that can happen you a young man is making a fool of himself in front of a...
For boys who love tickling young Girls 2021-01-31
Which boys here love tickling young girls?
Which is the strongest gender? 2021-01-13
Which is the strongest gender?
Have you ever had sex with an Arab before? 2021-01-13
Have you ever had sex with an Arab before?
Male brides: is this our future? 2020-12-27
As ladies surpass men in education, qualifications, careers and power, gender roles are in turmoi...
Girls how much do you burp? 2019-01-28 (closed)
How big are your belches, farts and how much do you eat? Go into detail! I love nothing more than...
Sole to sole footsie with bare feet 2019-01-08
Sole to sole footsie with bare feet
Girls - have you ever enjoyed watching two men fight? 2018-10-18 (closed)
This is a Poll for girls (only) to see if they have recently watched a fight between two boys, an...