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Would you vote for a.... 2012-06-25
Would you vote for a....
which parties do you like and dislike 2012-11-17
which parties do you like and dislike
Rate President Obama 2014-01-06
What do you think of our current president?
What kind of President is Obama? 2014-03-03
I don't care about your gender,age, race or political party...but please answer truthfully. Tryi...
LGBT Teen/Youth Acceptance based on Religion Economics Race and Region USA only 2014-07-29
There have been many surveys and studies published recently reporting that about 40% of homeless...
What woman should appear on the $10 bill? 2015-11-16
There has been a push to replace Alexander Hamilton's place on the $10 bill with a woman, who wou...
Is the Iran "deal" worse than Munich? 2015-11-17 (closed)
Some say that the Iran deal is a worse act of appeasement than the Munich agreement between Nevil...
Deplorable Health 2016-09-21
Deplorable Health
Hildebeest vs. The Donald 2016-10-13
2nd Debate (For those not familiar with the nickname, Hildebeest was coined by the Obama’s dur...
Drain the Swamp 2016-10-23
Trump's words not mine.
Dewey Defeats Truman 2016-11-05
For those too young to appreciate the title. Dewey was favored to win and the Chicago Tribune ne...
President 2017-01-27
Test poll for Stats class.
Did You Vote? 2000-12-09
All those "no-votes"
The Gun Poll..... (not to be confused with Gun Moll ;)) 2001-07-31
Please fill out this short poll about handguns in the U.S. Thank you very much!
Abortion In America 2001-09-16
Voice your opinion on whether or not you believe abortion should be allowed in a country that was...
Capital Punishment-Yes or No??? 2002-04-15
Do you believe in capital punishment? Do you think that it is just? Please give you my answer for...
End Women's Suffrage? 2002-05-28
Even though I'm a guy, I believe that for society to move forward, we must end women's suffrage b...
Undercover Chat room detectives 2003-10-07
The US government recently approved increasing funding for undercover chat room detectives to 12....
What are "Celebrities" for? 2004-01-28
What do you want to see from your favorite movie stars, musicians,or athelete.
Do you think 16 year olds should be allowed to vote? 2004-02-02
This is poll is to research into whether the voting age should be lowered to 16.
Political systems 2004-09-15
I've got a list of a few political systems, and I was wondering about which people think is the b...
YOUR political orientation 2004-10-04
Choose the best political orientation in those...I've tried to put them in order from far-right t...
Poll on the religious right
Changing History 2005-10-03
If you could go back in time, you might want to change things. Now you can say what you want to c...
Who is the best elite military force? 2005-10-07
Which is the best of the best?