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Barack Obama Presidency 2009-07-10
I know this quiz is not going to be the most exciting thing you've ever done, but if you take it,...
Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide! 2009-09-03
Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide! The Invisible Killer Dihydrogen monoxide is colorless, odorless, taste...
Should Gender Bigotry Be Classed As A Hate Crime? 2009-12-20
I am sometimes shocked at the nastiness of gender bigotry which can be aimed at both genders. Mal...
How well is Obama doing? 2010-02-14
A poll about President Obamas job so far over the last 13 months.
If given the choice between Hitler and Stalin who would you vote for? 2010-07-26
This is a poll to see if you would vote for a lesser of two evils.
2016 Republican Candidates 2015-08-13
If you could narrow the republican field from 17 candidates down to 8, who would you choose?
Xmas, Values, etc. 2015-11-22
Xmas, Values, etc.
Questionable Judgment 2016-07-22
Questionable Judgment
Donald Trump's Great Wall 2017-01-27
Poll on Donald Trump's Great Wall
Increasing the flow over Niagara Falls 1999-12-19
A summer time visitor to Niagara Falls now sees only half of the natural volume of the river pass...
What is the most important public health competency? 2000-10-14
Various organizations are trying to define what makes for good public health practice. The Counci...
which government is most stable? 2001-03-04
People have debated over which government philosophy they prefer. this poll asks which you prefer...
McVeigh's Execution 2001-06-15
You decide do you think Timothy Mcveigh Should Have been exwcuted?
Capital Punishment: Death penalty 2003-06-25
As you may know, the death penalty has not existed in Canada since the late 60's, it does however...
Adolf Hitler 2003-11-11
A quick poll on the greatest killer ever existed...but also on the greatest politician ever.
THE WORLD IN 2055 2005-02-02
Would you have voted for Elvis? 2005-07-21
Mistreatment of White people in modern America 2006-03-21
I've noticed that whites are being discriminated against while POCs (People of Color)are being tr...
Father's rights 2006-03-22
Aborting fatherhood in America.
Middle Eastern Conflict 2006-08-14
Your opinions of the current ongoing crisis in the Middle East
Would any of these deter you? 2008-07-19
I am gay, atheistic, have a prince albert piercing, the tips of my hair are dyed purple, and I'm ...
Separation of church and state, or lack thereof 2008-08-29
The U.S. of A., A glorious country (sometimes) that has a constitution that gives us the right to...
war! 2008-11-15
Country v.s. country.Who would win?
A Ban On Labelling All Men As Potential Paedophiles? 2009-12-24
In the UK it has been reported that British Airways has a ban on male flight passengers sitting n...
daughter serving frontline in army in direct combat 2011-05-05
daughter serving frontline in army in direct combat